5 Types of Sales Leads You Should Follow Up With Now

    By Tara Banda | Small Business

    5 Types of Sales Leads You Should Follow Up With Now image 7750565 Types of Sales Leads You Should Follow Up With Now

    When a new prospect calls your business for the first time, or even requests product or pricing information from you, they have certain expectations on how quickly your business should respond to them. Although expectations vary for different contact methods, the general rule of thumb is the same. The longer it takes you to respond to a new contact or lead, the less likely it is that they will choose your business. But how can you determine which contacts and leads you should follow up with? (Hint: The real answer is all of them!) See which common ways contacts and leads show you they’re interested — and why you should take the time to follow up with each of them.

    5 Types of Sales Leads You Should Follow Up With Now image 7750545 Types of Sales Leads You Should Follow Up With Now

    They Call You

    You’ve optimized your website to feature your phone number at the top of every page. Your phone number is also listed on your social media pages, local directory profiles, Google+ Local, and your advertising. So, when a consumer actually takes the time to call your business and you don’t answer, your efforts to get the call are wasted. Consumers expect to speak with a person when they pick up the phone, so make sure someone is there to answer the phone and capture important details like their contact information, like phone number and email address, and products or services they are interested in so you can follow up with them. But if someone calls your business before or after business hours and take the time to leave a voicemail, make sure you call them back as soon as possible. Studies have shown that by contacting a prospect back within an hour, you are seven times more likely to convert them than if you waited over an hour.

    They Email You

    Much like one who makes a phone call or leaves you voicemail, a consumer who emails you or submits a Web form likely has a strong interest in your business. Email these contacts back as soon as you can in order to show them you are paying attention to their requests and to help convert them into customers. You can also take advantage of automated email, like those available with ReachEdge, that lets customers who email you know that you received their request and will get in touch with them soon.

    They Say They Need Your Product or Service Now

    When a prospect contacts you and expresses an immediate need for your products or services, you need to provide them with the information they are looking for right away. These leads often do not have several hours, much less days, to find a company to do business with. By answering the phone — or following back up with them within minutes — you can meet their need before your competitors have the chance to.

    They Request Pricing Information

    It’s one thing for prospects to request general information about your products or services. It’s a completely different story when they begin to ask about specific prices and specialized quotes based on their needs. This demonstrates that they have extreme interest in doing business with you, but if you fail to follow up with them quickly and provide what they are looking for, you are likely to lose them as a lead, and they’ll find another business that can help them.

    They Have Gotten an Estimate From You

    This is really a no-brainer. Let’s say that you got a call, followed up with the lead, gave them a quote, and sent a representative out to their home for an estimate. Basically, they did everything but sign on the dotted line. Why would you not want to stay top of mind with them as they make their decision? Of course you would. However, some businesses may leave these leads hanging because they don’t have an easy way to remember to follow up with them. Without an automated system to help you stay in front of your most interested leads, you could be missing the most obvious opportunities to close a new sale. Don’t make these “hot” leads wait! Follow up immediately after providing a quote so that they choose your business.

    How long does it take you to follow up with your new sales leads? Let us know in a comment!

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