5 Types of Businesses That Will Cease to Exist in 2014

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    You’re a wretch and completely addicted to the dismally dismal economic woes of our time. Love it! You choose to bask in it, soak it in. All you choose to see are opportunities in the making. We get you. That’s why in this article we’re going to take a drive through Great Depressionville 2.0 and look at 5 types of businesses that should vanish within a year or so, thereby leaving a vacuum for opportunistic folks such as yourself to fill with better products and solutions.

    #1: J.C. Penney & Ilk

    Why on Earth would anyone still want to physically shop for clothes? Mark our words: Virtual fitting rooms are going to change the way we try clothes on. And what would all these retail clerks do without shirts to fold? Heaven help us. Regardless, by the end of 2014 J.C. Penney probably won’t be the only retail setup to shutter its doors. One company called Hointer has already broken the mold of how we shop.

    Online consumerism is beginning to take hold… and it won’t be long before drones are delivering goods straight to your doorstep. Uh oh, when robots begin delivering everything and doing all the work in the mega-warehouses you can see from Mars, what will UPS drivers be doing? Now that’s something to think about!

    #2: E-Readers?

    Okay, seriously, at the end of the day there’s not a big difference between what’s called an “e-reader” and a tablet, iPad or even a smartphone. The Kindle Fire could survive and linger on, further integrating into the Amazon universe because it’s essentially a tablet, but e-readers in general are doomed. Or maybe just the name is doomed.

    Like, the Nook is probably going to vanish by the end of this year because B&N just can’t compete on this level with Amazon. But these e-tailers will most likely continue to evolve ecommerce-enhanced mobile apps and gadgetry.

    #3. Hollywood

    Right, so this is a stretch. It might take a little bit longer to eradicate the conventional Hollywood industry from this universe, but it’s happening. When was the last time you went to a movie theater? How many movies have you watched online instead? The numbers are in and you have to make one hell of a good movie to get people to buy overpriced popcorn and look at the (really) big screen.

    Then of course there’s the advancement of CGI. Pretty soon human beings will not be able to tell the difference between a real human flesh and blood actor, and a completely fabricated character. That’s the truth. And because VR headsets are so close now, people are going to be experiencing movies, not just going to watch them from a seat.

    #4: DVD and Blu-Ray Disc Manufacturing

    It’s already happening. Who buys music CDs or movie DVDs anymore but people trying to “collect” them? In fact, take a look at all the technology in your home and realize that it will soon be gone and replaced by more advanced technology that requires less physical resources.

    Think about Google Glass-type innovations. Think about immersive TV. Think about image projection capabilities. Consider the current streaming-revolution taking place right now as you read these words.

    #5: Whoever Makes Keys…

    Physical keys are going to go the way of the dodo bird. Cars won’t need them anymore. Homes won’t need them anymore. Safety deposit boxes won’t require them. Soon, probably by the end of this year, new technologies will begin creeping into mainstream society that make physical keys irrelevant. They can be lost, copied or stolen. Instead it’ll be our eyes, fingertips (think iPhone 5s) or even genetic information that will lock and unlock things for us mere mortals.

    Can you think of businesses that are on the brink of obsolescence? Let us know in the comment section below.

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