5 Tips for a Successful Inbound Social Media Strategy

These days, I can’t tell you how many companies I see on social media using outdated (outbound) marketing methods. These are the same companies that I make sure I don’t go out of my way to “like” and follow because I don’t want to see their advertisements flooding my social media newsfeeds. To me, these outbound marketing posts are the equivalent of annoying commercials shown immediately after a cliff-hanger in my favorite TV show; another round of advertisements that I choose to shut out.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of outbound marketing vs. inbound marketing, I’ll explain it briefly:

  • Outbound marketing shouts marketing messages that can easily be silenced and shut out by your target audience (TV and radio ads, direct mail, cold calls)

I know I’m not alone when saying that I don’t trust a product or service based solely off of their advertisements. When I want to buy something, I usually look to Google to search what the best products are based off of customer reviews, the company’s website reliability and appearance, their social media content, etc… because I can establish a feeling of trust on my own during the product or service research stage.

We can all agree that you don’t want to be one of those companies that get their social media marketing messages ignored. So, how can you make sure you’re not one of those companies? Implement an inbound marketing social media strategy and see your results with an increase in social media followers and engagement!

Here are 5 tips for a successful inbound social media strategy:

  • Provide helpful and valuable content to your audienceIn your social media posts, share industry resources and content that your audience will find useful and interesting. They don’t want to always hear about your new product or latest promotion.
  • Keep your messages short and to the pointWhen scrolling through your social media newsfeeds, how often do you read posts that seem like novels? Try to get your message across in three sentences or less to keep interest while the reader is skimming through.
  • Include Calls-to-Action in your social media postsCalls-to-Action or CTA’s prompt your visitors, leads and customers to take some type of action or next step.  You want to hold the reader’s attention for as long as possible to build credibility and expertise!

 Example: You’re a clothing vendor that sells 100% recyclable clothing. You compose a social media post about an article you want to share about the importance of recycling, but you want to lead that reader to the article itself. A typical CTA for a social media post would read along the lines of “Read More: [insert example link]”. You want to give the audience a brief summary of the valuable content you are sharing, and then direct them to the useful content. If they enjoy the content, they will come back to your social media pages for more.

  • Commit to a consistent posting scheduleOnce you gain an audience, be sure to stick to a consistent social media posting schedule. Personally, if I visit a social media page that hasn’t been updated in months, I’m under the impression that the company isn’t dedicated or do not exist anymore. Your audience is depending on you to provide them with entertaining and useful content!
  • Engage with your friends and followersYou can post on your social media accounts all you want, but if you don’t engage with your audience, they will deem you as a robot. Why should they engage with your content if you don’t engage with theirs? Stay human on social media platforms and give feedback to other posts when necessary.

Of course, social media marketing is just one of the key elements that support a successful inbound marketing strategy. All of the elements, including social media, SEO, email marketing, blogging and public relations should be utilized to drive traffic to your website, the hub of your company’s internet presence. Then, your website should be optimized for capturing leads, packed with content and landing pages. Learn more about inbound marketing by clicking here.

Interested in knowing how your website measures up to your competitors on an inbound scale? Get your FREE website competitor analysis by clicking below. Also, check out all the useful inbound marketing information found on our “Fall of Inbound” page located below!

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5 Tips for a Successful Inbound Social Media Strategy image fall of outbound button15 Tips for a Successful Inbound Social Media Strategy

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