5 Tips To Get More Retweets on Twitter

    By Rocket Post | Small Business

    Maximize The Reach of Your Tweets

    If Twitter was a monetary system, the retweet would be a $100 bill. When you get a retweet, that means that one of your followers was interested enough to share your thoughts with his followers. That’s how word spreads and how you get more followers – a.k.a. potential customers.

    But since only 1.5% of Twitter’s more than 400 million daily tweets are retweets, you can’t just post and hope for the best. You have to carefully craft your entire approach to Twitter if you want to see RTs multiply.

    1. Ask for a Retweet.
    Marketers know that every advertisement needs a strong call to action and that applies to social media, too. Twitter conducted a study of promoted tweets and found that asking for a retweet increased retweets by an average of 311%. The chances were increased when the poster spelled out “retweet” instead of using RT and when the call to action came at the beginning of the tweet instead of the end.

    2. Leave room for an RT

    If your tweets are maxing out the character count, you’re not leaving any room for a basic retweet. If the user wants to add their own comment, then they’ll be forced to edit your words. Most won’t bother. A good rule of thumb is to always leave at least 20 characters of free space at the end of your tweet.

    Bonus Tip: make sure your username is short and easy to read because it’s going to show up in every retweet. If it’s more than 10 characters now, change it. You can do that at any time without losing any of your followers.

    3. Tweet When Twitter is Quiet
    We always want to reach as many people as possible but when there are 1,000′s of people all talking at the same time it’s hard to be heard over the noise. Look for those moments when your audience is slowing down, then send out your best retweetable content.

    4. Tweet Links

    Hubspot conducted a study and found that people who included links in 60 to 80% of their Tweets had significantly higher percentages of retweets than those who used their accounts mostly to chat. This is probably true because people perceive value in a link – it’s going to lead you to a longer work with helpful or entertaining information. Ironically, Hubspot also found that many people retweet without clicking the link meaning they don’t really know what they’re forwarding to their friends, making a compelling headline the most important part of your tweet. Give your audience a reason to share it.

    5. Carefully Craft your Tweets
    Crafting compelling tweets should be easy because they’re so short but any writer will tell you that shorter is harder than long. With a tweet, you only have space for around a dozen words. So every word has to be carefully chosen to make the biggest impact. To make them easier to read, use proper capitalization and punctuation and avoid anything other than the most common abbreviations. No 1 wats 2 RT a tweet lke this.

    The most important thing you can do to increase engagement on Twitter is post original, compelling content on a regular but not overly frequent schedule. Skim the feeds of your influential followers for inspiration then add a touch of personality to the facts. Just remember, even though Justin Bieber frequently gets more than 100,000 retweets, the average brand’s Twitter will claim only 1.3 retweets on one out of every 10 posts.

    Are you using these tips? How many retweets are you getting? Like and share this post, leave us a comment below and tweet us your thoughts on retweeting @Rocket_Post!

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