5 Things You Should Stop Doing in LinkedIn

5 Things You Should Stop Doing in LinkedIn image iStock 000017580527XSmall 200x3005 Things You Should Stop Doing in LinkedInLinkedIn is the ‘GO TO’ place for business people. It’s great for connecting with that latest new prospect, to get questions answered, or just connecting up with people that you face-to-face network with. But just like every popular social media hangout, it is filled with people who could care less about you and the un-written rules of etiquette. They are trying to exploit the system for their own personal gain. Granted, most people are simply trying to connect and play nice in the sandbox, but I have seen more than one person personally kill a LinkedIn group by being all – me, me me, buy, buy, sell, sell sell. Have you seen that?

I recently had a person ask to connect from the UK, and then proceeded to tell me they are lonely and looking for a relationship… Really? That takes Relationship Marketing to a whole new level!

Relationships are not only the goal… but it’s the main goal.

5 Things You Should Stop Doing in LinkedIn image iStock 000001283477XSmall1 300x2075 Things You Should Stop Doing in LinkedIn

How could anyone maintain a relationship without understanding that it’s all about give and take? By the way, that female from the UK is a guy who just wants to take my money!

If you are semi-active on LinkedIn, you have certainly seen people who treat Linkedin as their personal fish barrel for sales. They just keep shooting and you keep swimming. Some users just give up and don’t swim (don’t check in and check out), while others bite (and that’s what keeps them shooting). I will have to assume that if you are reading this you are not one of them (the one’s who keep shooting or the one’s who have given up). Those people will not want YOU to read the following 5 tips.

  1. You Are Not a Company, You Have a Name – Please don’t create an account or set your name to ‘My Company ’. People may give your company money, but they do business with people… and other people on LinkedIn hope and expect that you are a person, and not just a faceless brand. LinkedIn offers business pages for your business brand, and you can promote it there! Be yourself, be real, and don’t just be a company!
  2. You are not John and Jane Doe – Unless you are a cross dresser, you are John OR Jane. I can understand how some people use Facebook or Twitter as a married couple (or domestic partners), but don’t expect people to refer to you as “You Guys and Gals”. Create a separate account for each of you and we will be more apt to connect (That way, we don’t tell your wife bad guy jokes). Split personalities leads to less interaction and that’s not why you use social media or want to!
  3. You Have a Face, Use it – I can’t find your logo at Starbucks. Meaning if I am meeting up with you for the first time, I want to know what you look like. Having a blank image or your logo does you and nobody else any no good. People use it to choose whether to connect with you or not. You are your own personal brand even if you represent another business or brand… treat it that way! P.S. Please get a professional headshot. Your speedo picture from 1970 may be funny to your friends, but not to a potential million dollar client.
  4. Post a Description of Your Link – I am not going to click because you said to? Especially when your post says “Greatest Tip Ever” and the link says ”Greatest Tip Ever”. If you can’t tell us why you think we should read it (in your own words), then we probably won’t. Tell us why we should read this article and why it’s important to you and us. You are just one of hundreds, if not thousands of articles we come across in email, blogs and social media every day! Personalize it with your own spin on the concept, even if it’s controversial!
  5. It’s Not About You, It’s About Your Audience -Teach or Tell me something PLEASE! If all you want to do is sell what you have, then please call me so I can hang up on you. If you want to edu-tain, or info-tain us then we will pay attention. We are more willing to listen to your message and give you attention if you give us a nugget or a takeaway we can use. Give us a reason to pay attention to you… just shouting at us is going to get the opposite reaction that you are expecting! Even if you didn’t like Cracker Jack… you still eat it for the prize!

The point of this post is we are all part of a bigger picture. The more we can help each other, and help others, the more it gets us to a place where we are relevant and respected. If all you want to do is hawk your wares… I believe there is still flea markets out there. Good luck with your copied DVD’s!

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments?

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