5 Steps to Gaining Leads Through Engaging Landing Pages

Lead generation can be tough work for B2B marketers. One sure way to make an impact on prospective clients is to present impactful, engaging landing pages. By following these 5 steps, you can develop a landing page that will bring you tons of new leads.

1. Start With Catchy Headlines

The first thing that a potential lead sees when they visit your landing page is the headline. The one line needs to be filled with enough impact to attract their attention and convince them to continue reading. That’s a big job for such a small element of your landing page!

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In order to achieve that level of impact, you have to craft your headlines carefully. Develop several versions and test them out to see which is the most compelling. Focus on presenting the key terms that you want to convey to your readers – a potential lead needs to get a clear idea of the ethos of your company just from reading the headline.

2. Keep Things Simple

Landing pages should be simple and straight to the point. You’ll have further opportunities to present more complex content if you succeed in gaining a lead. Lee Odden suggests that simpler pages usually work better for lead generation. You might consider removing your main navigation from your landing pages in order to cut out any distractions. The point of your landing page is lead generation, so avoid including anything that doesn’t directly serve that purpose.

3. Present a Clear CTA

Every landing page must have a clear CTA that tells its audience exactly what you want them to do. Of course, you don’t want to be too over-the-top, but other businesses want to know exactly what you’re offering and what step you recommend taking. If they have trouble figuring out the point of your landing page, you’re likely to lose a potential lead.

Your CTA should include compelling reasons to take action. Convey a sense of urgency, include encouraging statistics, or offer an incentive. You want a potential client to understand that choosing your B2B company will be beneficial to their business.

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4. Connect to Social Media

One of the best ways to increase traffic on your landing page is to connect it to social media. Of course, in order to benefit from this relationship, you have to maintain a thriving presence on social media. You can easily promote your landing pages by building a social media campaign in Oktopost.

This connection should work in both directions. Share your landing pages through social media, but be careful to present them in a way that makes them relevant and useful. On the other end, consider including social share buttons so that it is easy for a potential lead to share the page if they like what they see.

5. Optimize for Mobile

Mobile has become more and more important. Your landing pages should be optimized so that they load quickly on mobile platforms. Google expects your “above the fold” content to load in less than one second, so make sure that your headline and key information is formatted so that it appears instantly.

What are your best tips for developing awesome landing pages?

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