5 Steps to the Cure for Career Insanity

    By Marc Miller | Small Business

    Career Insanity?

    5 Steps to the Cure for Career Insanity image careerinsanity5 Steps to the Cure for Career InsanityDo you suffer from Career Insanity?

    There is much angst in the job market. There are reports that one in five workers plan to change jobs in 2014.

    Do you plan to change jobs this year?

    The fact is most of us do not know how to find a job that will make us happy.

    Albert Einstein defined insanity as:

    “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Sound familiar? When it comes to our careers, most of us have a limited set of strategies we reuse over and over and, sure enough, wind up with the same results. The building’s different, the boss is different, there’s a different ficus tree in the lobby, but essentially, we keep landing in the same job over and over again.

    That’s Career Insanity.

    I have broken the cure for career insanity down into five steps for you!

    Defining the Problem: What are you running away from in your current position or role? Is it the boss? If it is the boss, what about the boss causes you to want to run away? Is it the work environment? What specifically about the work environment? Have you changed jobs in the past and then encountered the same issues in the new job that caused you leave last time?

    Defining the Goal: What do you want to run toward? What do you want in your next job that at least fixes what you are running away from? What exactly do you want? What kind of boss, team, rewards, etc… Let’s clearly define what you want in your work environment.

    Learning to Ask for What You Want: How do you ask for what you want? How do you use strategic networking and interviewing techniques to ensure you get what you want in the next position? Do you have a set of questions to ask that will help you determine whether the new job will meet your requirements? Finding a new job is like dating and marriage. It is a two way street.

    Framing Your Job Search for Maximum Effectiveness: What do you tell your next prospective employer when he asks why you want to leave your current position? If you tell him the job stinks and your boss is an ogre, he will say: “NEXT!”

    Negotiating From Strength: How do you negotiate for what you want (and IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT MONEY!)? It is very likely that you are not leaving the current position because of just money. It is everything else. So negotiate for everything else before you talk money! You will be surprised what you can achieve when you get an offer and start to negotiate all of the non-monetary items first.

    Does this sound interesting? Are you suffering from Career Insanity?

    I will be blogging on these five steps for the Cure for Career Insanity over the next few months. I plan to launch the Cure for Career Insanity Webinar series in May. This will be a very affordable (under $25) five part webinar series which will be recorded and offered as an online course. If you are interested in learning more please register to receive updates!

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