5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Retweets [Infographic]

In his latest Viral Content Sharing Report, social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella discovers five practices that will get you more Retweets. Most of these seem obvious, like not talking so much about yourself and supporting the home team by mentioning Twitter rather than Facebook.

Although, I wouldn’t have thought that asking for tweets would be effective. I suppose this may be effective in the simple act of getting retweeted, and if that is your only goal then have at it! But truly gaining brand reach and attracting follower bases can only be achieved by offering value rather than asking for it.

The other two points are facts critical to efficient success in social media. Tweeting links to content clearly does better than a tweet with no link. A link is multimedia that adds depth to your message.

The finding that I found most interesting were the top six most Retweeted topics. News held a healthy lead over all other topics including instructional, entertainment, opinions, products, and small talk. It’s not surprising to see value-add topics like news and instructions at the top of the list.

One final thought – Companies love to tweet about their products. However, the data here shows that may be a poor combination as tweets about products and about yourself are low on the Retweet totum pole. Instead, consider offering more value-add topics like industry news or instructional articles.

Keep this top-5 sheet nearby until you know them by heart.

5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Retweets [Infographic] image retweets infographic5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Retweets [Infographic]

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