5 Ridiculous Website Copywriting Errors That You Should Never Make

5 Ridiculous Website Copywriting Errors That You Should Never Make image copywriting errors5 Ridiculous Website Copywriting Errors That You Should Never Make
Website copywriting is all about selling. You’ve heard it all before. You need to research your product well. You need to integrate material. You need to sell. But what goes into what you write and what readers retain from what you write are all very different and are surprisingly far apart. There are five mistakes that web copywriting makers make. There are content marketing tactics that you must learn in order to make your content sell. Since, let’s face it, you have to make your content sell as much as your product. Additionally, there are SEO tactics that don’t apply to everywhere in the world, which is why you should learn the ins and outs of international SEO writing.

Error #1: Writing for Yourself
You’ve spent so much time researching about your product. You’ve spent a gazillion hours learning about it. You want to get to the rooftop of the Empire State Building and shout about how great your product is. That’s great- for you. The only problem is, the rest of the world isn’t as interested about your product as you are. Let’s face it: people are naturally interested about something only in as much as what it can do for them. So, when writing your website copywriting, think like the reader would. “What’s in it for me?”

To illustrate, if you’re writing about a product, you should write little details about the product’s features, what it does and how it’s built. However, your main focus should be on the experience that the product will give to the one who will use it.

Error #2: Burying Your Lead
Are you subconsciously relegating your main message underneath a body of text? If you are, you’ll never get your message across. Never assume that your readers will read everything. Always assume that they will read the heading and maybe the first few lines of your text and that’s it. So, never put your lead in a coffin and bury it underneath a novel of text. Instead, put your lead where it belongs: at the top of your text, in the lead. This is the simplest and most effective way of getting your message across. Nobody likes reading blocks of text and digging through the text for the actual meaning which, let’s face it, can be summarized into a line or two.

Copywriting is more of an art form that has greatly changed since 1999. There have been many changes to the way it is being done and it now includes integrating it with social media. Keeping this in mind, it is now more important than ever to not let your lead be buried underneath dirt.

Error #3: So-So Meta Material
Meta tags are critical parts of website copywriting and ones that you should master if you want to be effective at what you do. They are essential and they aren’t even found in the page at all. The meta title should be 65 characters or shorter and is the tag that Google and other search engines use to find your page. It is also what users see on their browser tab. Meta descriptions should be 155 characters or less and has litter SEO value. It is displayed in the search engine results page under the link.

When writing a meta title, be very specific about the content of your webpage. That will increase your search rankings in Google and will help readers direct their attention to your site.

When writing meta descriptions, don’t use too many keywords. For example, don’t say “we have promotional bond papers, papers for writing, writing papers and custom papers.” That will make your page look like spam and readers will shy away. Additionally, don’t be too extravagant either. This means don’t make too many unbelievable claims and do not use multiple exclamation points. Encourage readers to click through your page, such as “click this link to find out more.” At all costs, you must establish your credibility. Put in credentials such as “printing iconic shirts since 1911.”

Work with SEO content specialists. Websites that are not search engine optimized are next to useless. These are important things that you should remember. The title tags should be consistent in their form. However, the meta descriptions don’t have to be as consistent. You can be creative with the meta descriptions.

Tags can be changed as time goes on and experts actually suggest that they should be changed from time to time so that they can be properly optimized. So don’t worry too much. Worrying is useless at this point. Take these tips to heart.

Error #4: Being Too Wordy
Saying too much is just saying too much. There is nothing more annoying than soul-less, heart-less web copywriting. If you’re going to say something, make sure you’re going to say something worthwhile. Readers will appreciate you for it and you will thank yourself later on for being a better person. Brevity is the soul of a conversation.

Error #5: Not Asking for Any Action
If you’re going to do website copywriting, you need to ask your readers to do something! And you can’t just compel them to do something weakly, you need to be compelling enough that they will do something right away, right now. They need to be determined enough.

There are generally four types of actions that you want your reader to take: place an order, enrol, get a quote or learn more. To be effective in calling a person to action, you have to be specific. You don’t just say “subscribe now.” That is simply lame. Say, instead, “subscribe now and get 15% off.” That is much, much better.

Often, an effective call to action is not a one-step process especially if the product that you are selling is costly. In this case, you can make your call to action a two-step process. How? You can ask your reader to download a pamphlet for additional information to help them decide whether or not they should avail of your service and then include the second step of your call to action in the pamphlet. This if often very effective, especially if your reader is going to have to shell out a larger amount of cash.

Additionally, your call to action can be strengthened by testimonials of others, expert opinions, reviews and other things that will add credibility to your site. Follow these simple solutions in order to make awesome web content.

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