5 Reasons Why Yelp is a Monster

Time and time again, we reflect on Yelp on our blog and tell you NOT to focus on getting reviews for your business through the site. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t be using Yelp to grow your online reputation. One of the biggest reasons is that the site simply can’t be trusted.

You might be asking, what really makes Yelp so bad? If seeing that up to 25% of the reviews on their site are fake and that sometimes they don’t even publish real reviews doesn’t convince you, then we have another five reasons that may help you believe that Yelp is a monster!

1. The Yelp Review filter filters out authentic positive reviews about businesses because it deems them to be be fake. This frequently proves to be detrimental to a business’s rating. (Source: Ksat / Forbes)

2. A YELP email sent to customers in 2011 warned business owners NOT to ask customers to leave reviews, saying that they would recognize it as solicitation and that these types of reviews may even be victims of Yelp’s review filter. (Source: Outspoken)

3. Restaurants often suffer ill-informed 1 star reviews by amateur restaurant reviewers, even when they are 3 star Michelin Red guide distinguished restaurants. (Source: Huffpo)

4. During interviews with dozens of business owners over a span of several months, six people told the East Bay Express Newspaper that Yelp sales representatives had promised to move or remove negative reviews if their business would advertise. In another six instances, positive reviews disappeared — or negative ones appeared — after owners declined to advertise. (Source: TC, EastBayExpress)

Eventually, Yelp was hit with a Class Action Lawsuit for Business Extortion.

5. It has been alleged that Yelp filters out positive reviews of companies that choose not to advertise with them. (Source: YelpersWhoSuck)

The next time you are thinking about sending your visitors to Yelp to leave a review for your website or business, think again. If you would like to start collecting real reviews from your customers and actually owning the content and posting them on your own sites, you should try out the Brand.com Review Widget.

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