5 Reasons Why Your Web Video Isn’t Converting Viewers into Customers

Video can be an incredibly powerful tool for online marketing, but in order for it to be successful, you have to get people to not only watch your video but also like what they are watching. Whether you’re posting video content on your website, blog, YouTube, or other social media sites, it will do you no good on any of these sites if you’re not converting your viewers into customers. Here are 5 reasons why your web video may not be engaging your audience as it should be and what you can do to fix it.

The Quality is Low.

There are lots of low-cost and amateur video options available to produce a professional looking video, but the key is to make sure the quality of any live video footage or audio is superb. If your web video is grainy or the audio is difficult to understand, your visitors are probably getting annoyed, stopping the video and/or leaving your site.


The Play Button is Missing.

Having a play button is one of the strongest calls-to-action your video can have, so if your video is without one, you aren’t telling your audience what to do and you’re probably missing out on potential viewers.


Weak Video Title & Description.

Your web video needs to have a strong and descriptive title so people know what type of content they will be watching. This goes for the video description as well. These are two of the most important elements of your video and they need to clearly answer why someone would want to watch your video.

Your Video Thumbnail is Unattractive.

The first thing people will see before deciding to watch your video is the video thumbnail. So if this screenshot isn’t interesting, chances are your video won’t seem very interesting either. Make sure the thumbnail picture associated with your web video will entice people to hit play.


No One Can Find It!

When was the last time you took a good look at your website analytics and evaluated where visitors are going on your pages? If you haven’t dived into your analytics lately to find the optimal spot on your website to place video content, you aren’t going to achieve your desired results. Your web video needs to be noticeable, preferably above the fold on the homepage, in order to start seeing real conversions.

With video content it all comes down to getting people interested and engaging them to view your video and share it. It is a great way to get in front of potential customers and share information about your business, product, or service, but it’s not always easy to convert these viewers into sharers or customers. We hope with these five tips you can evaluate your web videos and identify at least one area for improvement so you can increase your web video engagement and conversions.

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