5 reasons why Line’s Disney Tsum Tsum is going to consume your life

    By Iain Garner | Small Business

    I recently downloaded Line’s latest game Disney Tsum Tsum, mainly because I wanted to know what the hell a tsum is.

    Disney Tsum Tsum is a match 3 puzzle game, however instead of just matching colors, you’re matching Disney characters. It doesn’t sound like anything special, right? Wrong. Disney Tsum Tsum is genius and it’s going to be huge for these five simple reasons:

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    1. OMFG tsums are cute.

    One day ago I didn’t even know what a tsum was, and now I am waiting for them to appear on Taobao! I don’t even like cute things; I think babies are gross, puppies are messy, and I bought the ugliest rabbit in the shop because no one else wanted it! Cute just doesn’t do it for me. But even I find myself cooing at these fricking tsums!

    2014-07-11 08.55.34

    I love how some of my favorite Disney characters have been morphed into insanely cute, minimalistic toys. I hate myself for it, but I want to collect them all.

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    2. 60 second gameplay is the perfect amount of time

    Every round of Disney Tsum Tsum is only 60 seconds, which may not sound like a lot, but it’s perfect. It keeps you from getting bored of the repetitive gameplay, and it makes the game intense. 60 seconds is not a lot of time to rack up a high score, and if you are going to buy that next tsum, then you’re going to need to get a lot of very high scores!

    2014-07-11 05.42.17

    It also fits nicely into your life; standing in line, waiting for a bus, or sitting on the toilet (gross, but we’ve all been there) this is the perfect game to kill a few minutes of time.

    3. Collectible cuteness

    If there’s one thing that Pokémon taught the world, it’s that gamers love collecting stuff. We don’t care it’s not real, we will run around virtual cities gathering everything from drugs to superpowers just because they are there. We can’t help ourselves. Really, it’s not our fault.

    2014-07-11 05.40.03

    So when you give us a game full of childhood favorites and tell we can collect them all if we play it a lot, guess what we’re gonna do? You got it, we are gonna play that sucker until we get the virtual Buzz Lightyear tsum of our dreams.

    For better or worse, Line knows what makes us tick!

    4. Familiar, friendly gameplay

    Anyone who has even a passing knowledge of gaming can figure out how to play Disney Tsum Tsum. The genre has been around since Columns in the ‘90s and is continuing strong today. Give granny a go on Disney Tsum Tsum and she’ll be able to play it!


    Adding familiar Disney characters into this already welcoming genre makes perfect sense. The genre is simple and the characters are appealing, congratulations, you have a win. This is the type of game a parent is more than happy to give to their kid while they’re waiting in line. It’s also something they will happily play themselves.

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    Even parents who worry about Defense of the Ancients addiction, fear zombie bashing leads to school shootings, and believe GTA turns young men into pimps, can’t help but coo over how cute Disney Tsum Tsum is. As Disney learnt many years ago, being appealing to both adults and children, is the way to the consumer’s heart.

    5. Some original spice

    Familiarity is all well and good, but if you want to avoid being called a copying freeloader, then you need to add something new. Disney Tsum Tsum accomplishes this by making gravity a key component to the puzzle.

    Instead of tsums falling in neat and orderly rows, they are dropped into the arena and where they land depends purely on physics. tsums are rounded, so they roll all over the place, and when you clear a gap, you’re never sure quite where the tsums above are going to roll to.

    2014-07-11 05.40.27


    It’s a simple difference, but it makes the game much more dynamic and leads to moments of glory, when things roll your way, and despair, when they don’t. There’s also a handy fan which allows you to mix up your tsums if the layout is all wrong. Combining this with the time limit often means that a single mistake can ruin your chances to beat your high score.

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