5 Reasons Your Web Guy Doesn’t Want You to Learn WordPress

Oh how times have changed. Long gone are the days of specialized programmers who know html and javascript. Now, just about everyone knows a little. Gone are the days of websites that are extremely challenging to update and maintain. I have heard stories of people having to pay $100 or more to change a comma.

THINGS ARE EASY NOW! And it all begins with wordpress (and a little help from me).

Here a a couple of reasons why your web guy doesn’t want you to learn WordPress.

5 Reasons Your Web Guy Doesn’t Want You to Learn Wordpress image wordpress logo simplified rgb5 Reasons Your Web Guy Doesn’t Want You to Learn Wordpress

I love WordPress.

1. Money. He doesn’t want you to know it is cheaper to learn wordpress and do it yourself than to pay him/her to do it. They want their industry to live in a shroud of mystery. No one knows what they do but them. Bogus. You can create, maintain, update, change, and market your website without the help of a web designer.

2. Time. Which is money. Someone please tell me the turn around time from when you have an idea to when it is implemented by your web guy. Oh and how much does it cost?

3. You might learn how they were duping you in the first place. Your web guy doesn’t want you to know what you can really do with your website. I am telling you…YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, just about. This renders your web guy useless.

4. Less prestige. This means they aren’t as important. This means you don’t use them. This means they go broke. They would much rather you go broke then them.

5. You might become independant. You just might be able to tear up your contract with them and start making your site productive. Start bringing in business which is the point anyway, right?


And then hire me to get you set up, trained, and operational.

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