5 Online Retailers That Deliver Great Customer Experiences

When it comes to customer service, chances are you’ve at least heard of someone who’s gone through a bad experience. Fortunately at StellaService we also get to hear great service stories from the customers of leading ecommerce brands.

5 Online Retailers That Deliver Great Customer Experiences image warby parker customer service 600x3975 Online Retailers That Deliver Great Customer Experiences

The following online retailers have figured out that every time a customer reaches out with a run-of-the-mill support issue there’s an opportunity to turn them into a lifetime brand advocate.

Harry’s Shave Club
Has a customer service rep ever offered you life advice? Well this interaction started with just that.  Our shopper received an email with the subject line “Here for you at Harry’s”. Customer service rep Katie was checking in to see if the customer was happy with his purchase or had any follow up questions.  The customer, previously loyal to an electric shaver had made the switch to a traditional blade and was actually experiencing pretty uncomfortable razor burn.  Thanks to Harry’s proactive outreach, this email exchange happened, showing how important it is to get in touch with customers and to have fun interactions.

For Fab.com customers, resolving a customer service issue is as easy as tweeting. Sarah Jørgensen reached out to us relaying this cross-channel support interaction she had with Fab.com‘s customer service team. ”I opened the poster tube and slid my new poster out to show my roommate, finding to my dismay that one of the edges had been wrinkled in transit. I tweeted the Fab team an image and asked if they could help. As you can see from the timestamps on the Tweets, they responded in less than 10 minutes saying they were already emailing me.” Click through to read 5 valuable lessons from this support interaction.

Coach.com understands the value of live chat and is using it to the company’s best advantage — both online and off. Not only are they fast, but they’re thorough. In our September 2013 study, the high-end accessories retailer was the only site to rank on both the top 10 list for speed and top 10 for issue resolution measuring whether or not a customer service issue was fully resolved. In this interaction one Coach.com customer had her issue resolved and felt that the CSR went above-and-beyond to ensure a great experience over live chat.

Warby Parker
As more ecommerce companies test out physical presences, service will continue to be essential in creating happy customers. Warby Parker learned this when a customer had an extended wait time at one of their new locations.  Left unattended, the customer would have told her network about the experience.  But Warby Parker resolved this issue by refunding her for waiting at the doctor’s office.  This interaction shows a solid approach to retaining customers, increasing brand loyalty and taking a single brand interaction and creating real long-term value for the company.

Tieks by Gavrieli
A Tieks customer ordered wedding gifts for her mother, mother of the groom and each of her bridesmaids. Unfortunately when the order arrived a pair of flats in Clover Green was missing. Between placing the order and receiving the package, our shopper discovered that one of her bridesmaids couldn’t wear the flats and needed to make a return. The shopper emailed Tieks support detailing these two issues and was met with a prompt response from Tieks representative Caitlyn.  Met with a quick, helpful, and friendly response, our customer also received a surprise from Tieks, making this a successful customer service interaction and one that the customer will surely remember.

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