5 Myths About Online Advertising

If you ask 10 people about online advertising you’ll get 10 different answers. We’ve heard them all. Here are a few noteworthy misconceptions:

– It doesn’t deliver. With a compelling offer, decent ads and a landing page that drives engagement, there is no better way to spend your ad budget. The ability to access detailed performance data in nearly real time, makes your efforts truly measurable. The goal is to utilize this data to modify your campaigns quickly and increase performance.

- All you need is search: Organic search is huge, Adwords search ads work. But delivering across multiple channels concurrently (Search ads, Banner ads, Facebook and Mobile ads) will increase your results by 23% over a single channel. That’s because it takes up to 7 times for an interested customer to see your message and commit to action. The sooner you reach them, the faster the sale.

- Online advertising is intrusive. Surprisingly it seems that only unsophisticated marketers feel that targeting ads to the right people is intrusive. In fact a recent DAA survey Nearly 70 percent of respondents indicated that they’d like at least some ads tailored directly to their interests, compared to only 16 percent who preferred to only see generic ads for products and services. When you deliver targeted ads online, you’re reaching people who are either searching for your services, or truly have an interest in your product based on what they do on the web. The simple fact that people see relevant ads means that qualified sellers are connecting with the right customers.

- Its expensive. You will reach significantly more people online than any other media. As many as 10,000 X more people! (not a typo)  You can run locally targeted campaigns across major sites, search, Facebook and mobile ads for a lot less than the cost of traditional media.

- I don’t know enough about online advertising. Google search ads and Facebook are really easy place to start for self serve targeted ads. If you don’t have time to learn the complexities of the different ad channels, consider using professional online marketers who can get you better results than you can. The money you save on wasted ad delivery and increased sales will be well worth it.

The simple truth is that your business needs to advertise online. The trick is to do it effectively. With the huge amount of analytical data available, you can track results with pinpoint accuracy. The real talent is in analyzing results and adjusting campaigns for increased sales with reduced costs. Layer in effective targeting, retargeting, engaging ads and landing pages that convert visitors into sales and you’ll probably want to consider outside resources to make it all work seamlessly.

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