5 Marketing Predictions to Use to Your Advantage!

Alright everyone, take out your crystal balls or eight balls to predict the future of marketing! What do you see?

5 Marketing Predictions to Use to Your Advantage! image Businessman i crystal ball5 Marketing Predictions to Use to Your Advantage!

When it comes to marketing, the future can be predicted and the best marketers know what trends will evolve and already have their plans mapped out. In the next year, businesses will experience growing complexity in managing and measuring an emergence of multiple channels and technologies. To adjust, marketing will become more integrated, inbound and real-time.

Below are five marketing predictions for 2013 and beyond from HubSpot.

#1 – Social and content will further impact SEO

Over the years, good SEO was all about knowing the insides and out of the practice. The SEO of tomorrow will be more about creating good, engaging, original content  that appeals to your target market. Check out these Convincing Stats to Invest in Inbound Marketing.

SEO will go further away from on-page SEO, and focus on the different components of off-page SEO, which are activities outside the boundaries of the webpage: link building, social media, and social bookmarking.

#2 – Companies to hire more inbound marketing specialists

Marketing is not just about being creative – to stand out in today’s tough job market you must be skilled in content creation, lead generation, optimization and analysis.  With the growing importance of content and data, companies will hire more Inbound Marketers in 2013. According to trends measured by SimplyHired, since 2011 “Inbound Marketing” jobs increased 52% and “Content Marketing” jobs increased 26%.

Choosing the right marketing tactics for your company involves a balance of factors such as: size, cost and implicit industry knowledge. Often this is why it is a difficult choice for marketing experts to find the exact solution that will best suit their needs.

#3 – Email will continue to live

Despite what many want to believe, email is not/will not be dead in the near future.  But, how it will be used as part of your marketing mix will change.

Marketing emails will become more personalized, relevant and targeted appropriately to your audience. There will be an increased importance in opt-in marketing instead of purchasing email lists directed at no one specific.

Many companies are now using software like HubSpot to create lead nurturing campaigns (sent by email) that are relevant to the needs of the respondent. When done properly, the campaign should bring your prospect through your sales funnel, down to where they are more prepared to buy.

#4 – Inbound marketing will grow in corporations

In large corporations, marketing is usually managed and executed in its own department. Every sector, whether it’s HR, Finance, Accounting, Sales will interact with their clients/prospects online to promote their brand, products and/or services. Essentially, every staff member will become an inbound marketer!

#5 – Marketing meets gamification 5 Marketing Predictions to Use to Your Advantage! image game5 Marketing Predictions to Use to Your Advantage!

Gamification is the New Frontier in Engagement. The ultimate example of engaging users with a rewarding user experience, nurturing relationships and facilitating purchase opportunities is online gaming mixed with marketing. What does this mean exactly? Marketing will become more interactive in how it’s executed and used. “Gamificiation” will help increase the stickiness of content through its entertainment value, reward, and learning abilities.

Can you predict marketing trends for 2014 and onwards? What trends will emerge?

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