5 Keys to Getting More Out of Your Word of Mouth Marketing

2014 is just around the corner, which means many small businesses are gearing up their marketing plans for the new year. What’s your strategy for reaching your future customers?

If you’re planning on using the cost-effective, affordable strategy of word-of-mouth marketing, here are 6 keys that you can use to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your method.

  1. Make your customers feel like “insiders”: Engage in an email marketing campaign that lets your customers know how much you value them. Then, give them special insider information to your company – maybe a story about how you started or a teaser about an upcoming sale. Showing your customers the “inside” of your business is a terrific way to build trust and credibility.
  2. Remember that “top of mind leads to tip of tongue”: Keep in touch with your prospects on a regular schedule that works for you. You must stay in front of your clients and prospects so that they remember you – and most importantly, so that they can refer you.
  3. Give customers a good story to tell: By doing everything you can to provide customers with a stellar experience – every single time – you are providing them with good stories and good imprints. They will remember the consistently wonderful experience with your company – and be sure to share.
  4. Let the public see your customers enjoying your business: Consider posting engaging pictures of customers (with permission) on social media sites or your own website. This will generate buzz about what’s going on “on the inside.”
  5. Give customers a useful special offer for referring you to others: One of the most important elements here is to make sure it’s something practical that they can and will use (like a coupon for 20% off of their next service.)

These 5 keys are often not spoken about in word-of-mouth marketing but if you put them into place for your 2014 marketing plan, it’s a sure fire way to get more out of your method.

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