5 Community Management Productivity Tips

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Take a look at your schedule for the week, or just think of all the things you have to get done today. Feeling overwhelmed? I would be surprised if you were, and I think we all have the same problem. There are just too many things to do, and not enough hours in a day to do them. The mere thought about all that will be following the next morning is often enough to keep me up at night. A common problem in a world where we have so many things to accomplish.

Getting it all done in the most efficient way possible ends up being the key to managing it all. Which means boosting productivity to its greatest extent. But how do you do that, and what tips actually work? The last thing you want to do is waste more time on ideas that lead to nowhere.

Here are five ways that you can boost your productivity the most, and each one is simple and guaranteed to help.

1. Get The Right Tools

5 Community Management Productivity Tips image community management productivity tips 05 zpsb7bde9be5 Community Management Productivity Tips

As it is a big concern for so many, we shouldn’t be surprised that there are so many productivity tools on the market. Coming up with a thorough list would be difficult, so I thought I would share the applications I personally use in my own daily life. First, there is StayFocusd. This easy to use Chrome add-on works by letting you select days and times you want websites blocked, and what websites it shouldn’t allow. You can also block them for a certain amount of hours, block them after a specific time block has been spent there, or block all internet access entirely. The Firefox equivalent is LeechBlock.

Another one I frequently use is Google Drive, formerly Google Docs. Collaboration is so much easier if you aren’t having to wait for an updated email attachment or similar. You can edit a document in real time, leave notes and more. That is why I also like DropBox for sharing files. If you are running a team or business and need several people to collaborate together, a project management tool is best. I used Basecamp, as it has a heavy feature list that includes 3GB of storage (obviously additional cloud storage would be used), and can take up to 10 projects at once for only $20 per month. They have larger plans for $50 and $150 per month.

2. Set Goals

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Having specific goals in mind will help you work towards them steadily and without the damaging affects of project jumping. You should set three types of goals: daily, weekly and monthly. You can also have longer term ones, but that is more a list of potential goals in the future than anything else. Have these sets of goals that you work toward regularly, and you will be amazed at what you accomplish. It is also a better idea to do small goals than large ones, because you will be more likely to complete them. That New Year’s resolution you set to lose 50 lbs this year? That is a lot more daunting than making the goal to lose two pounds per week.

3. Make Lists

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When setting your daily goals, it helps to have a list. Lists keep tasks organized and more easy to manage. It also tells you exactly what needs to be done. To make a good to-do list, make sure you prioritize. Set everything up in a way that works for you, like most important first or last, the small and easy tasks at the beginning, or else at the end when you have been burned out. Have a section of things that don’t need to be done, but you want to have done if all the important items have been crossed off.

4. Outsource Projects

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Remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Sometimes you need a little bit of help, which may mean finding someone who can handle tasks for you. For example, it is easy to find writers who can take care of your content for a per-word or flat rate fee. Or you can find free content from guest posters who work for bylines using a service like MyBlogGuest. If you are finding yourself scrambling for time, start making a list of tasks you can assign to someone else. Delegation is an important part of managing any community.

5. Take Breaks

Another one that might seem counter productive, straining yourself is never a good idea. You can start to feel overstretched and you just won’t be able to do anything more. Take frequent breaks, both small ones and longer ones. Get up from the computer every hour for ten minutes and walk around. Rest your eyes. Read or watch something you find entertaining. Exercise or meditate, just do something else.

Do you have productivity tips to share? Let us know what works for you in the comments below.

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