5 Commercial Processes To Implement In Your Small Business

    By Michael Trow | Small Business

    5 Commercial Processes To Implement In Your Small Business image Small Business Processes 600x4005 Commercial Processes To Implement In Your Small BusinessFocus on sales to reach calculated, repeatable success. Why? Mediocrity is, well, ‘boring’!

    If you’re reading this the chances are that you are working with Ace Concierge (or thinking about how a Virtual Assistant can help your business) and enjoying the gift of time.


    For most businesses (of any shape, size and look) outsourcing areas of business is a must. You know you have special skills. You know you have passions. You know your strengths can’t possibly lie in all the areas required to run a business.

    So what now?

    Does outsourcing mean you can spend more time on the beach sipping fruity cocktails out of a coconut shell?


    The likelihood is that you are looking to leverage the new found time, peace of mind and rejuvenated focus working ON your business.

    Where do you start? Well, that depends entirely on you, your business and the priorities that you feel deserve the attention you can afford them.

    Where will you need to focus your attention? Sales.

    (Save the jeers and tomato throwing!)

    Yes, at some point to reach a point of predictable success your business will need to focus on sales and processes.

    Marketing is vital. Especially if you think about marketing as the act of raising awareness of your business to your target market(s).

    Sales is essential.

    In essence, as small business owners our goal is to spend as much time as possible service those we are meant to serve. Our ideal clients.

    In order to this we need to have a proportionate amount of sales conversations with prospects to encourage them to make the step up from prospect to highly valued client.

    This much, we know.

    Getting to the point of having these sales conversations is subject largely to the processes that we have in place to enable this to happen.

    There 5 processes to implement on the road to successful growth.

    5 Commercial Processes To Address In Your Business

    1. The Lead Generation Process – The act of encouraging prospects to have a sales conversation
    2. The Sales Process – the process of taking a prospect from potential target, through qualified prospect to valued paying client
    3. The Follow Up Process – The act of ensuring all leads are informed through the process
    4. The Lead Nurturing Process – A process dedicated to those that have illustrated an interest in your offer but have declined to purchase at this time
    5. The Data/CRM Process – The strategy behind contact management and analyzing your progress

    Without knowing you I would like to say that I believe you to be compelling, genuine and passionate when speaking with prospective clients. Most small business owners and solopreneurs are and this is because of the belief you have in yours and your businesses ability.

    Complacency can creep in bit by bit. As such, generate and implement process to ensure continued success and longevity.

    This will make the fruity cocktails taste oh so much sweeter.

    If you’re interested in learning more about this, sales processes and more, download a free copy of my report and short e-book here.

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