5 Career Marketing Strategies That Work

5 Career Marketing Strategies That Work image 5 Career Marketing Strategies That Work5 Career Marketing Strategies That Work

The word career marketing is being used so loosely these days. Coaches call themselves career marketing experts, advice articles tell you to beef up on your career marketing documents and over and over you will hear that if you are not effective at career marketing, well, your career can go south.

So what does career marketing mean for you? Let’s put it this way, whether you are launching a new job search, competing for a high-profile assignment or getting prepared for internal advancement, you have to embrace “marketing” and “selling” your career (and yourself) at every angle. This strategy should encompass your online, offline and in-person communication messages.

Try this exercise to see how your career marketing strategies are holding up:

1) Review your existing resume – are you telling the readers about what you do and your daily tasks OR are you promoting your value proposition, highlighting your professional strengths and giving evidence of concrete career accomplishments?

2) Practice your elevator pitch out loud – are you simply stating your name, your past employers and where you have worked OR does your elevator pitch have an attention-getting message offering a unique value of promise and some insight on your brand reputation?

3) Evaluate your LinkedIn profile carefully – are you rehashing your professional resume OR did you develop SEO-optimized, branded career summary makes recruiters and employers call you?

4) Analyze your job search plan – are you addicted to the online boards and Internet job sites OR are you actively reaching out to key contacts and attending networking events to connect with the right decision makers and industry influencers?

5) Be honest about your interview habits – are you constantly “telling” the interviewer about your tasks OR are you “selling” yourself through impressive examples of company contributions?

Now, are you ready to start doing some real career marketing?

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