5 Best Practices for Granting Promotions

    By Heather R. Huhman | Small Business

    June and July are two of the top three months for professionals in the U.S. to get promoted within their company, according to a study conducted by LinkedIn.

    It’s important for your company to promote truly impressive employees. This can mean a new title, responsibilities, or even a raise. Recognize your employees’ hard work and accomplishments to retain your top talent.

    So, if you’re going to amp up your promotions this season, it’s a good idea to sharpen up your promotion practices. Here are some best practices for granting promotions in June and July (or any time of year!):

    Implement performance evaluations.

    If you don’t already perform regular evaluations of your employees, start. Once you have an evaluation system in place that happens regularly, you can use these evaluations as a basis for granting promotions. A concrete record of employee performance gives you exactly what you need to narrow down your decision. It’s also good evidence to justify your decision to whomever needs it in your company.

    Customize new positions.

    Granting promotions should happen naturally. Whether it’s to fill a vacant position or to create a new position, changes will be made to the role based on who gets the job. Determine the requirements of the role, but take into account what potential candidates can bring. Use their strengths to customize the job.

    Honesty is the best policy.

    With any round of promotions comes disappointed employees who didn’t get selected. In these situations, it is important to be completely honest and transparent. Explain simply who got the promotion and why. Whether it was due to experience, hard skills, soft skills, or personality, it’s best to just say so. The candidates you let down will learn where they can improve for the next time.

    Provide feedback.

    Going along with the last point, feedback is essential when it comes to promoting employees. You need to explain what candidates did right and where they need to improve. Be specific. It also helps to provide specific resources to help them reach these new goals. Tell employees exactly what they need to work on and how they can work on it.

    Suggest alternative goals.

    It’s hard to let down employees who were in the running for a promotion, especially if it was a close decision. It’s important to keep them happy and motivated if you want to retain them. One way to keep them motivated might be to give them some new responsibilities. This might have to do with the improvements you suggested, or an alternative career path. There shouldn’t be just one way to move up in your company. Show your employees there are more ways to advance with your company in the future, if they try something new.

    Promoting employees from within is one of the best ways to develop and retain talent. Your employees will be happier if they know their work is appreciated and they can advance because of it. Stick to transparent and fair promoting practices and your employees will be grateful for the opportunity.

    What are some best practices you implement when promoting employees?

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