5 Benefits of SMS Marketing for NightClub Owners

5 Benefits of SMS Marketing for NightClub Owners image nightclub party5 Benefits of SMS Marketing for NightClub Owners

In today’s worlds hand held gadgets such as the mobile phone is a necessity. Who can’t live without a cell phone these days? You see them in the hands of young and old alike, with their abilities extending far beyond making calls and messaging your friends. We depend on cell phones to do so very much for us and we cannot live with out them.

The power it brings to every human beings affects our daily activities, routines and most especially among businesses- the economy in general. Let us pay attention to a particular business that has been regulating for ages, the bars, night clubs, pubs, and similar type ventures . As long it is the happy hour everyone loves to hang out, throw back a few cold one and be around friends and soon=to-be businesses.

The night clubs of today have taken a huge turn in their profit as compared decades ago. What’s the secret that has taken its turn to the roof? The new age of marketing, in particularly SMS Marketing. Aside from the primary marketing of “word by mouth”, SMS marketing has taken the marketing game to a higher level. Just one press of a button, and your job is done. You can reach those who are interested in your business and what you have to offer.


Take a look at 5 benefits of SMS marketing for nightclub owners.

1. It’s easier, convenient, and faster way of marketing nightclubs to the public. With lists  of contacts readily available in your mobile phone, just one press of the button “send to all”, and it spreads like a virus.

2. Ads, discounts, exclusive invites, updates are written in short and brief statements. It’s personalized too. The public likes that. Keep it short, simple and inviting.

3. It’s cheaper for nightclub owners. No paper wastage. It’s earth friendly. And It is affordable no matter what your budget may be.

4. Survey has shown even at a last 30 minute ads, 95% of people would likely to read SMS in 15 minutes time. Who knows someone would change their mind and go for a shot of tequila or more.

5. SMS Marketing is more likened to MLM business strategy. Starts with one upline within months or years downlines would spreads from hundreds to thousands. Just keep txting! To sum this up, SMS marketing has contributed a huge profit to NightClub owners. Just PRESS and PARTY. Definitely, don’t forget to PAY. Toasts to SMS!

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