5 B2B Jobs that Didn’t Exist 7 Years Ago

5 B2B Jobs that Didn’t Exist 7 Years Ago image funny animal on computer l 600x3755 B2B Jobs that Didn’t Exist 7 Years AgoWith news of Twitter’s 7th Birthday ringing in our ears, we’ve found ourselves reflecting on the digital world and how far digital marketing has come in such a short space of time.

With the first graduates now emerging from colleges and universities with shiny new, digital degrees, this changing skillset has drastically overhauled the job scene. In the last few years new digitally-focused job roles have been created with in the B2B marketing industry to keep up.

To illustrate just how far the digital marketing world has come, here are 5 jobs that didn’t exist 7 years ago.

Community/Social Media Manager

In B2B marketing, your online reputation is as good as priceless. Managing your social media presence not only markets your business online, but it also works to maintain your network of contacts. Being seen as professional, accessible and engaging requires a lot of managing and monitoring – so it’s only natural that this has become a role all in itself. Some businesses amalgamate this role into marketing or client support, but a dedicated community manager can focus on building your online network and engaging with existing and potential clients.

Online Advertising Strategist

Buying advertising space is different in the online world. Facebook and LinkedIn ads, promoted posts and pay-per-click mean staying on top of your online advertising is a full-time job. Not only that, but you need to be able to see a return on your investment and plan your advertising strategy according. For the B2B market, online advertising strategists are becoming increasingly important for successful marketing campaigns.

Content Developer

We’ve asked before whether content marketing could become the new advertising and there is a strong case to suggest that it is, looking at the number of companies taking on content developers to boost their online marketing. In the B2B industry this could be creating whitepapers, writing company blogs or any number of things. Creating fresh, dynamic content is not something that can be a side project of another employee, instead a dedicated content developer designs and produces tailored B2B content as part of your marketing strategy.

SEO strategist

Knowing your bounce rate from your click-through isn’t something you pick up overnight. Some people dedicate their whole careers to working with and against search engines trying to get them to do what they want. Your SEO Strategist works to get your website high up in search engine results – your soldier in the battle for the front page, they help new clients find you. SEO, as a concept, has been around in one form or another as long as the web itself. But it used to be the work of consultants and outside agents, since the advent of Twitter it’s become far more common for B2Bs to cut out the middle man and bring in their own SEO strategist.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

All of these individual roles are nothing without a plan of action. Your digital marketing coordinator is monitoring and managing every aspect of your business’s online presence. They coordinate marketing emails, your website and anything else you do as regards your company and your marketing activity online. In the past websites were static and businesses, especially in the B2B industry, didn’t engage with social media. Now, however, the Internet is a hive of activity and you need someone on the front line if you are to succeed.

As the digital world develops, so too does B2B digital marketing. It’s easy to forget that not too long ago digital marketing, as a whole, was relatively unheard of. Many of these roles are still very new, yet to be fully defined and they are likely to change as technology progresses further but they’ve become integral parts of their industry.

Having seen how far B2B digital marketing has come up until now, on this the 7-year anniversary of the launch of Twitter, the question now is where is it heading next? Or is it impossible to predict?

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