4 Worst Mistakes by Newly Recruited Managers

    By Raman Singh | Small Business

    Becoming a manager for the first is like a dream come true for a person working at operational level. Many times these newly recruited managers unable to handle the responsibilities at managerial level. As these people have little knowledge about management so commit these silly mistakes:

    Forget to manage things

    The biggest problem with newly promoted managers is that when they get big goals, they also get a of team executives to reach that goal. Normally these newly recruited managers unable to manage people. They are unable to understand the basic definition of management that is ” Management is an art of getting jobs done through people”. – Mark Parker Follett

    The manager should know what their boss expects from them. They should set measurable and achievable goals for themselves and the team they are leading. Goals help in performance appraisal and analyzing the reasons behind failures to reach goals and helps in finding the steps required to fix the issues. Even in case of performance above targets, performance appraisal helps to shape work cultures and discover activities which results in efficiency.

    Not listening to team members

    Management is a kind of team-building process where you a group of highly motivated people works with a same goal with similar vision. Here you can find the difference between “Group of people” and a “Team”. People get motivated when their boss listen to their views and ideas. Giving orders and expecting that subordinates will meet the goals in the given time is stupidity. There is a strong need of building confidence among subordinates and change their vision to align it with team’s vision.

    A manager leads a team as a musician leads a band he directs each member in group as how to play music. Every member knows how to their job but the lead musician makes it a composition. A manager does the same job, he combines the efforts of team members who are efficient in their job achieving goals of the team.

    Manager aims at co-ordination not co-operation. A good manager converts co-operation in co-ordination by aligning the goals of individuals into team goals. If the manager doesn’t listen to team members advice, team members lose their interest in doing their job and it impacts their efficiency. The role of the manager is to lead in a way to align the individual efforts towards team efforts.

    Think about goals and not people

    One of the most stupid mistake that I have noticed about newly promoted managers is they are over-excited about achieving the targets and they are less concerned in building relations. These managers are promoted because of their experience and performance at doing tasks and meeting their goals timely.

    People are most important asset of an organization. I can recall the days when I was preparing for IBPS exam and level of authority teachers had been awesome. Many times my instructor conducted a surprise test in which we had to write an essay about our favorite topic. That was the first instance I enjoyed while writing. That technique was really interesting and inspired many people to write. Most of the class did really well in verbal section as compared to quantitative section. Reason behind that was the innovative techniques that our instructor used. It was only he was given authority to use any technique during his class.

    Slow in transition to a new role

    Most common problems with executives when they become managers is that they still think about their previous projects, although their new projects require huge efforts. May be the manager is still liable for his old project but he should take not more than 2 days to delegate the entire project to the person who is handing that now. As that is not his goal now and he is nothing to do with his old projects.

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