4 Ways Marketers Can Integrate Email and Social Marketing

    By Ben Tepfer | Small Business

    With 57% of marketers believing that social media will affect their email marketing, according to a MarketingSherpa survey, it’s time to rethink what it means for social media and email to be integrated. In this post, we are going to explore different ways of integrating social media into your email marketing campaigns.

    1. Linking to Social Media Sites

    4 Ways Marketers Can Integrate Email and Social Marketing image 1. Nets email v24 Ways Marketers Can Integrate Email and Social MarketingWhen we first think about what social media integration means, the obvious answer is linking to your company’s social media site probably in either the header or footer of the email message. For your readers, this is great. Consumers today expect your brand to have social profiles and make them easily accessible. Let’s look at some examples.

    There are other creative ways to link your brand’s page within an email. The Brooklyn Nets’ email has social media content embedded into it. Another good example comes from King Size who allows the reader to “Like” their page directly from the body of the email.

    2. Social Sharing

    Social sharing is the new forward to a friend. Many emails still give you the option to pass an email along, but social network sites are where millions of users are sharing content every day. Think, for instance, about Pinterest: a site devoted entirely to image sharing. As email marketers, this is your chance to let your customers share and promote your products for you.

    4 Ways Marketers Can Integrate Email and Social Marketing image bridgestone email v24 Ways Marketers Can Integrate Email and Social MarketingThe solution is twofold: make content worth sharing and make it easily shareable directly from the email. Here is a nice example from Bridgestsone. By adding social icons at the end of their content, Bridgestsone makes it easy for readers to share it to their social network of choice. It is important to link to related social sites. For instance, a clothing company might want to add a link to share new items on Pinterest, but it would not make sense for them to include a LinkedIn button.

    3. List Building

    So far, we have looked at ways of integrating social media into email itself. However, social and email integration can go much further and be much more powerful. With Facebook’s Open Graph, we as marketers can capture a lot of great information. Facebook Open Graph allows its users to tell a story about their lives through the applications they use. If your brand’s Page has a Facebook application or your website allows users to login with Facebook, you are able to capture social profile data including their email address. This isn’t particularly new, but social marketing tools are now allowing us to capture real-time Open Graph data about what a person is doing. For instance, if you capture just my “Likes” as opposed to, let’s say, what I am listening to right now on Spotify, you will get two very different stories—the Spotify plays being much more indicative of current interests and behavior. You can then use this data to segment your contacts in an email marketing campaign. Not only are you building your list of addressable contacts from Facebook, but you are getting rich data to determine what to send to that person and when.

    4. Cross-Channel Campaign Management

    Building on the previous section, social media can be used as a touch point in your cross-channel campaign management strategy. For example, let’s say you send an offer via email and notice that some recipients have not opened it. Instead of manually segmenting these non-responders for additional follow up, you could build a workflow that automatically sends them a message on Facebook or Twitter after a pre-defined period of time. Or maybe if someone buys something in your store you can reconcile their information to send their receipt to email as well as a Facebook message. Using geographic data pulled from Facebook, marketers can base their campaigns on a certain geography and cross-post to email and social. There are many possibilities for cross-channel engagement.

    These are a few different ways to think about how you can integrate social media into your email marketing campaigns. What do you think? How are you combining social and email?

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