4-Way Step to Gain Loyal Customers

    By Leiden Johnson | Small Business

    4 Way Step to Gain Loyal Customers image loyalty 300x2274 Way Step to Gain Loyal CustomersMany businesses nowadays are so focused about what kind of technology to avail and adopt in their operation. The most popular now is the online technology specifically the optimization of the social media in promoting and marketing their products and services. Another one is the use of business tools or apps to make processes more efficient and productive. However, all these won’t work if they forget some basic principles on how to talk to customer to improve their products and to win them as loyal buyers. For small market players such as the small to medium-size businesses (SMBs), home-based businesses and solo entrepreneurs, knowing what customers want and how to deliver what they want is vital in achieving success. Below is a four-way step that small market players can follow to gain more loyal customers:

    Fix, improve or make changes to your product.

    For first time business owners, they may have the knowledge but surely they don’t have the experience yet. Thus, it is not always that their first product or products would become a hit. There are times that it just makes sales to breakeven or there are times that it doesn’t really win the interest of the consumers. With this, you have to fix if there is something wrong about your product. It could be the packaging or how you present it. If it is about quality, you have to improve it. To help you out on this, you can try reviewing the products of other competitors. If you made a survey and learned that your product is good, it might be about the pricing. There are many experiences that businesses offer high quality products but they don’t make sales because they have a poor pricing strategy. With this, you might consider promos, offering of discounts and packages.

    Sell the improved product.

    To test if the improved product is good enough to drive sales, you have to sell it. To determine if it makes good profit, you can set a target based on previous targets. Then, you can monitor the daily, weekly and monthly sales. You can set a time frame for this and it depends on the size of your business and the kind of your product. For example, you can test the product for two months.

    In marketing the product, businesses should of course optimize advanced and effective yet affordable technologies to increase their chances of making more or improved sales. For example, they can use electronic mobile devices for better connectivity within the business and with customers. They can adopt the latest models such as HTC One, Sony Xperia Tablet Z, and others and integrate it in the communication system.

    Assess if the product is selling.

    After the time frame you have set for the testing of the improved product, you can now proceed to the assessment. You can check the daily sales. See if there is consistency in sales or if there is a decreasing or increasing trend. Check also the weekly and monthly sales and see if there is a negative or positive trend. In this way, you can have an idea if you are going to continue selling the product or start offering a new one.

    Ask customers if they like your new product.

    Aside from the assessment using your data, another great way to really know if your product is “likable” is to ask the customers. In this way, you can learn straight from them if they really like or don’t like the new product. If they all like it, then you can learn what are the factors why it is not making sales. One great way to communicate with them is through the use of efficient phone systems such as the Private Branch Exchange or PBX.

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