4 Tips on Developing Your Content Marketing Approach

4 Tips on Developing Your Content Marketing Approach image Fotolia 33270283 XS4 Tips on Developing Your Content Marketing ApproachIn the last few years, companies have been transforming their traditional marketing divisions into content marketing departments. If you’re not already familiar with the term, content marketing is the process of generating high-quality online content with the goal of building trust among your brand’s target audience and establishing your brand as an industry thought leader. It’s also a way for companies to reach their customers and drive sales without implementing traditional marketing tactics.

To run a successful content marketing operation, you need high-quality content and you need to have that content appear in all the places your customers visit. This means you need people with great writing skills and individuals with awesome public relations (PR) abilities. To be effective, content marketing departments need to use the outreach skills of PR professionals to get their content placed across social media networks and mentioned on influential publications and blogs.

But that’s easier said than done. And in order for your content marketing efforts to be fruitful, it’s important that you lay the groundwork for content marketing success. Here are a few tips we developed at SoftwareAdvice.com to help companies as they look to develop an effective content marketing team.

1. Hire professionals with up-to-date skills.

When building your team, it’s important that you make sure to hire people that already have vetted online skills. This will reduce the amount of training you have to do in-house. Ideally, people you hire for outreach should know how to build links, implement search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, maximize social media, and build an extensive network of influential contacts. Meanwhile, the individuals you hire to produce your content should have a history of producing engaging content for the Web and maintaining a rigorous editorial calendar.

2. Build new relationships and utilize existing ones.

Developing high-quality and shareable content can help win over subscribers and build a community, but make sure you capitalize on these relationships for marketing purposes. You should especially utilize relationships with the “thought leaders” in your specific industry. This will help you build your credibility and trust with your customers.

3. Strategize what story will help win over customers.

Your content must have specific and targeted messaging that fits your company’s core values and mission statement. To accomplish this goal, you need to be selective when you hire. Make sure you hire candidates who match your company’s culture and philosophy. You can always teach the technical skills later, but it’s difficult to teach culture.

4. Create a content marketing division.

According to a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute, in the next year roughly half of B2B marketers are planning to raise their budget for content marketing. To be successful at content marketing, your company needs to have a department that can perform all the tasks of a PR firm and editorial staff, can properly utilize SEO and digital social networks, and also has a strong understanding of brand management.

More companies are looking to content marketing to grow their customer base, because it works. Just make sure your company hires qualified candidates and provides your content marketers with the necessary environment for success.

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