4 Tips for Creating Effective and Engaging Social Videos

Making videos for social channels is a bandwagon all brands need to jump on board now. Already 40% of the top 1,000 most popular Instagram videos are from brands, and a branded Vine video is four times more likely to be seen than a regular branded video. YouTube still serves as an excellent place to host videos and share them on multiple channels as marketing tools. Just look at the recent phenomenon of “devil baby attack.”

4 Tips for Creating Effective and Engaging Social Videos image terrifying devil baby attack prank 300x1684 Tips for Creating Effective and Engaging Social Videos

Videos have the potential to grab the attention of users on both mobile and desktop News Feeds immediately and offers brands an opportunity to impact their campaigns by using the power of social video to drive user behavior.

What are some of the ways brands can dominate social videos and increase their fan/follower count, campaign interactions, and brand loyalty? Strategize based on the following recommendations:

  • Give immediate calls to action: Use videos to drive initial social action. Encourage viewers to immediately interact with your brand following the video’s end. Our advice is to keep the call to action inside of the network they are posted to. People love to take action within a platform, so focus on the value of social video to inspire engagement within the specific network.
  • Make customers the stars: Because social videos are viewed on the personal content feeds, introduce them to your brand by using fan ambassadors. Repurpose user-generated content from campaigns, such as Instagram and Vine video or photo submissions, and harness authentic messaging and images to enable social merchandising and enhance brand identity. Your brand has a better chance of positively resonating with a new audience if they can relate to the video’s source.

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  • Use data: The beauty of social videos is that there is more than one audience to target when creating them. Use existing data to shed light on what actions are typical of various demographics within your audience. Do they like to enter contests on Facebook? Do they like to turn to Twitter and hashtag photos and videos like crazy to win prizes? Use that data to target videos (the video content and the ad targets) to a specific audience to get the most ROI possible. Also, well executed targeting will earn you more like-minded fans.
  • Tie videos to existing campaigns: Strategically plan and produce social videos to run cohesively with your social campaigns. Use them to encourage crossover actions, such as liking a page and entering or visiting a website and signing up to win a prize. It’s great incentive to expand your fan base and increase engagement with campaigns.

4 Tips for Creating Effective and Engaging Social Videos image Screen Shot 2014 01 26 at 9.01.53 PM4 Tips for Creating Effective and Engaging Social Videos

Social videos are an awareness mechanism with huge potential. With social media, consumers become more central to marketing strategy and content, and with the high engagement rates of videos, the sky is the limit for your creative and social teams. The main goal with all social video is to keep them consistently feeding campaigns to broader and new audiences. They are one of the ways brands can use Facebook to creatively promote and generate awareness, and offer an incredible opportunity to make your fans the stars of the show. Allowing social videos to boost campaigns and further resonate with audiences will be one of the most authentic ways to connect with customers on social media in 2014.

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