4 Simple Steps for Creating Content to Improve Your Lead Generation

    By Naomi Goldberg | Small Business

    Check out our simple four step guide for using and creating free online content to improve your lead generation.

    1. Create content that stands out

    There’s so much online content clamoring for attention that you need your content to stand out to get the eyeballs you need. One excellent way to guarantee your content will stand out from your competitors is to include video. ROI Research reports user interactivity with content that incorporates video at twice the rate of other forms of content. 4 Simple Steps for Creating Content to Improve Your Lead Generation image player viewbix tsv 3 300x1954 Simple Steps for Creating Content to Improve Your Lead GenerationThat means your visitors are twice as likely to turn into leads if you use video content marketing rather than text-based content.

    2.Focus your content on what your users want to see

    Instructional or informative videos help your users to understand your product better, video testimonials show your users that they can trust your business or product. Funny viral videos keep people entertained and help them remember your product or company. By tailoring your marketing content to their needs your users will be more likely to explore your site further, or click a call to action to sign up for a newsletter or buy your product.

    3.Don’t forget your social sharing buttons

    You’ll created great video content that’s interesting and relevant to your target audience, now make sure it can be shared to reach other relevant users who may not have come across your original content. Many sites have a Facebook like button, but don’t forget your Twitter and Google+ buttons for added sharability and an SEO boost, plus a LinkedIn button should be on every business site.

    4.Make your videos interactive

    Your free online video content has attracted interest, and your users would like to know more about what you are offering. Now you just need to close the deal. Place a call to action within your online video marketing content to turn viewers into leads, leading them directly into your sales funnel. Choose from Viewbix’s huge choice of apps to incorporate into your online video content to bring your users directly into your sales funnel.

    Do you incorporate video into your content marketing strategy? What are your top tips for creating content that generates leads for your product or company? We’d love to hear from you so feel free to comment below.

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