4 Practical Ways Your Local Business Can Use Tumblr

4 Practical Ways Your Local Business Can Use Tumblr image tumblr logo 300x300tumblr logoSo you’ve built a social media presence for your small business, most likely primarily on Facebook and Twitter. (If you’re dragging your feet in regards to social media, consider the issues brought up by Chris Silver Smith). You may be asking the question, what’s next? Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram are all good places to start, but let’s consider the advantages of Tumblr in a small business’s online campaign.

Creative, innovative, and imaginative

Although Tumblr is not quite as big and influential as Facebook and Twitter, the blogging site can offer local businesses a perfect outlet for inventive promotion. As a free website building resource, Tumblr gives small businesses an inexpensive way to market their creative side with diverse, absorbing posts. You can even design a custom domain.

What kinds of businesses can benefit from Tumblr?

Pretty much any business can find a resourceful way to promote themselves on Tumblr. According to Forbes, over 120,000 new Tumblr accounts are created each day. That’s a lot of growth! Some types of businesses are particularly suited to the medium. Jason Keath suggests that large websites, fashion organizations, and publishing and broadcast media do particularly well on the site.

One advantageous strategy used by many businesses is to link their Tumblr to other sources of internet exposure, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+. Images and videos can easily link to other social media pages or even your online shop or website. Social sharing buttons allow viewers to share your Tumblr posts on other social media sites, which means more exposure for you!

Practical Examples

If you aren’t quite sure how all of these ideas will work for your company, check out these real-life examples of creative ways that businesses are utilizing Tumblr.

1. Instructional blogs

My favorites example of this style of Tumblr is Dark Rye, the online magazine from Whole Foods. Dark Rye posts recipes, how-to’s, and videos about food. If your small business has anything to do with food, this blog is a smart inspiration for your online presence.

4 Practical Ways Your Local Business Can Use Tumblr image dark ryedark-rye

2. Multimedia experiences

Brands that are creatively using a variety of multimedia posts include Vimeo, home of videos and film-related posts, and Fresh Air, which inventively combines photos, videos, short text, and sound clips.

4 Practical Ways Your Local Business Can Use Tumblr image fresh airfresh air

3. Photo heavy blogs

Many fashion-related Tumblrs rely heavily on photos to engage their visitors. Elle, for example, uses high-resolution photos to link users to their Instagram. I particularly enjoy the Oscar PR Girl, who posts behind-the-scene looks at the lifestyle and inspiration of Oscar de la Renta.

4 Practical Ways Your Local Business Can Use Tumblr image oscar pr girl tumblroscar pr girl tumblr

4. Customer discounts

Kmart offers a minimalist page that simply provides potential customers with coupons and coupon codes. Easy to manage and sure to bring in new customers, any small business could easily benefit from this style of promotion.

A Final Note

One practical resource that I highly recommend is the Marketer’s Guide to Tumblr. This site gives you all the details on how to profitably promote yourself via Tumblr. If your business wants to get on board with Tumblr, these could be a great resource for you.

How does Tumblr fit into your online marketing campaign?

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