4 Great Ways To Sell Online

    By Melanie Haselmayr | Small Business

    4 Great Ways To Sell Online image 4 Great Ways To Sell Stuff Online by Melanie Haselmayr Mevvy 300x1994 Great Ways To Sell Online

    It is Saturday afternoon – time to think forward, and about the things you can accomplish this year. You have a great product ready to go but you don’t know how to get it to your customers.

    Just like with anything else these days – try on the internet. Collect some inspiration from this post about the potential of selling online and how you can go about it …

    1     Build Your Own Online Store

    Whatever it is that you are producing – there is a good chance you can sell it online, too. Build a flower delivery store or a jewelry shop, no matter what it is. How? Use Shopify or Goodsie. Both are great platforms to build your online store from scratch.

    To read on about building your online store, read this article: How To Get Started In eCommerce

    2     Find A Place Online That Can Host Your Products

    This one is actually pretty clever and perfect for those selling ebooks, music and other digital products. All you do is sign up to Gumroad or payhip, get the link to your product, and distribute it all over the web and via email. Your customers will buy straight from there, leaving you stress-free.

    3     Offer Your Products And Services On Marketplaces

    Now there is a marketplace for everything. Let me mention three different types here:

    The Anything-Goes Marketplace: There are marketplaces out there that allow you to sell any service you like. Guru is the master of these marketplaces. You can offer any type of service there.

    The Specialized Marketplace: Then, there are marketplaces that have a certain specialization. Ubokia for example allows you to sell second-hand things – as well as acquiring them from others. You can even publish a post about what you are looking for!

    The Curated Marketplace: What if George Clooney recommended a shirt to you? Would the shirt be more valuable to you based on this recommendation? For many people this is the case. People love to follow their icons and idols. Consignd is building a place where curators decide what can be bought. Simply submit your item to a curator and they’ll let you know if your item has been accepted!

    4     fCommerce – What Else?

    Facebook-Commerce is coming on strong! It’s the latest trend to sell your products directly on Facebook. It’s actually very simple. Check out Soldsie for details. Basically you can post your products just like you post status updates, and once someone comments “Sold” on it, it’s sold.

    You can find these and many other tools for your online store on Mevvy – The Next Generation Tool & App Store.

    Are you in eCommerce? Share your insights in the comments below!

    Image Source: RTR on Campus

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