3 Videos to Spark Creativity & Kick Writer’s Block in the Face

3 Videos to Spark Creativity & Kick Writer’s Block in the Face image 3896285033 cdd39e076a z3 Videos to Spark Creativity & Kick Writer’s Block in the Face

Some days I just don’t feel like being productive. It’s not that I have tons of other things to do (in fact, those are the days that I find myself browsing Twitter for an hour while watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory on iTunes). It’s just that I’m not feeling inspired, passionate, or particularly energetic.

When those days come around and I don’t have any looming deadlines, I take that unproductive day and revel in it. I take a three-hour nap. I sit in the bubble bath with a book. I watch whole seasons of popular TV shows.

Because sometimes you need those days. Those sleepy, unproductive days that don’t force your mind to work overtime.

But sometimes I can’t do that. Because there are deadlines and rush projects and opportunities too good to pass up (even if they do sometimes overload a week).

That’s when I turn to my inspirations. I watch videos that get me jazzed about the written word (#1 below), that get me jazzed about business (#2 below), or that remind me to sit up straight, make myself big, and fake it until I not only make it, but become it.

This is one of those days. So I’m going to sit down with my cup of tea, watch these videos, get some inspiration, and dive back into this week’s deadline-driven projects.

And just in case you’re also having a not-so-creative, un-energetic, un-inspired day, here are those three inspiring videos:

1. Words. Gorgeous words..

2. People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

3. Your body language shapes who you are.

What do you do to kick writer’s block in the face and jump start your creativity?

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