3 Tips For Writing Quality Content

3 Tips For Writing Quality Content image content marketing13 Tips For Writing Quality ContentA strong argument for custom content generation is and will always be search engine optimization. You’re writing answers to problems that people are probably Googling and fresh content on your site makes the search engine bots happy.

And better yet, Google (holding the lion’s share of the market on search engines) continues to work on its algorithms to boost quality content over keyword packing. That means your focus shouldn’t be as much on saying the same thing at least three times in the body, but more in writing solid, entertaining, and informational articles.

What are some ways you can enhance your content production to boost your search engine rankings and bring in new customers?

1. Get Topical

Let’s assume you’re blogging on a regular basis. All that content is going to add up. Some articles may be about similar things, yet you have to set them apart from each other. Writing your articles with a hook of something that’s in the news will not only boost your search engine, it creates more interest.

For example, a few weeks ago, I blogged about the marketing tactics Netflix used to promote Arrested Development‘s fourth season release last Sunday. The American Marketing Association picked it up a week later! Jump on the buzz train of a hot topic, like a movie release (notice the huge amounts of Great Gatsby, 1920s-themed, art deco stuff recently?).

2. Deviate From Selling

The kneejerk reaction for most businesses is to create content that will feature their products or services and encourage purchasing behavior.

And yes, that is the ultimate goal.

However, today’s consumers want to connect with your brand. They want an experience. They buy stuff that speaks to them. That means your business’s brand should have a distinct personality and generate content that your customers are interested in and will share.

3 Tips For Writing Quality Content image dove men care 300x3003 Tips For Writing Quality Content

Dove Men+ Care gets it. Their target audience is male, generally more well-off. Their Twitter is full of basketball information, as well as encouragement to remember Mother’s Day. They have videos about working out and how to calmly teach your teenager how to drive, which feature figures from the professional sports arena.

3. Be Informational

Fluff gets you unfollowed, unliked, ignored. You should be the authority on your business, industry, product, or service. For example, HootSuite, a social media management tool, constantly has blog posts about social media best practices. If your readers don’t feel like they got anything out of your article, they probably won’t keep reading them. You’ve got their attention for 300-900 words. Make good use of them.

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