3 Surprising Ways Social Media Has Changed Email Marketing

Recent research by Epsilon suggests that email open rates are going up while email click rates continue to decline. Open rate declines tend to be indicative of people receiving more emails than ever (volumes), but click rate declines tend to mean the audience has missed the message (content). However, it’s important to consider the impact social media usage may be having on the same audience receiving your email campaigns.

3 Surprising Ways Social Media Has Changed Email Marketing image email open rates stats 2012 300x2843 Surprising Ways Social Media Has Changed Email Marketing

Open rates are up, click rates are declining

Audience Control Is Key

It’s hard to control when or if you see something in a Facebook News Feed or a Twitter Stream and easy to feel overwhelmed – which is why more users are asking for emails from brands to make sure they see all important information. Having a strong email opt-in program across all social media channels for your brand is extremely important. It’s also important to let consumers know how often and what kinds of emails they will be getting from you. The key is to give the audience control of how they get information from you – the more customized your program is, the better.

Go Mobile or Go Home

We are living in a world where there are more mobile devices activated than babies born. Depending on the study you read, between 30% and 50% of all of your emails are going to be read on a mobile device. With the majority of users accessing social media via mobile, it’s not surprising that your customers are used to being able to communicate with your brand via mobile. Whether your email marketing is for B2B or B2C, it’s got to be mobile-friendly. If your default email templates are not responsive design, you’re missing opportunities to convert.

Keep It Short

Most social networks will only show the first 140 to 300 characters of any given update or post. If you can’t convey your email message just as quickly, you probably should pare it down. If they are looking at the email on their mobile device, they may only see the first sentence preview to decide whether or not to open your email. Long-form email newsletters or multi-offer promotional emails do not perform as well as short, clear copy.

Email is still the top converting channel

Email was designed to be transactional and has significantly more users than social media. Make sure you understand how social media is impacting user expectations.

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