3 Steps to Define Your Web Strategy Success

Did you know that Bluewire Media has a special Client Success Program and that the vast majority of our clients are on one? Did you know that this means we’re in touch with these clients all the time and are constantly working on hitting their Web Strategy goals?

Well we do and we are!

Every week, we have a team meeting where we update each other on our clients, present our results and ask for help or suggestions. In these meetings we get to discuss what we’ve learnt, where we’ve gone wrong, what we’ve done amazingly well and how much closer our clients are to their goals.

We thought it’d be great to share our experiences with everyone else who’s also working on their own Web Strategy right now, or wondering how to get started!

Welcome to the “Success Insights” series!

So to kick this off, here’s a vital first step to running a successful Web Strategy:

Define your goals and how you’ll know when you’ve hit them

1. Define your goals

Our Web Strategy Planning Template has a little space at the bottom for your goals: this is a non-negotiable spot to fill out! Knowing the point of your strategy is vital to understand whether it’s working or not.

Your Web Strategy goals should be business goals that can happen directly online. For example, “Increase leads“.

2. Define your metrics

Once you know your goals, make sure you’ve defined exactly what “hitting them” means. Does “Increase leadsmean a 2% rise every month or 1000 leads in 12 months? How exactly will you track your progress over time?

3. Check your metrics every week

We review our clients’ Web Strategy goal metrics every week and tweak our strategy constantly to try to improve their results. Set up your tracking accounts to show your main metrics on a dashboard (super easy in Google Analytics, for example) so you can focus on what’s important.

The hardest part of all? Forget “vanity metrics” unless they absolutely indicate that you’re closer to a real business goal! Do you have heaps of Facebook fans but no engagement or conversions from them? You still have a lot of work to do!

Have you defined the numbers you need to hit your Web Strategy goals?

Share your techniques for measuring and tracking your success so we can swap ideas!

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