3 Social Media Hashtags To Supercharge Canada’s Olympic Spirit

I am crazy for the Winter Olympics. Two TVs are currently playing in different places in the office so no matter where I am, I can catch the latest from Sochi.3 Social Media Hashtags To Supercharge Canadas Olympic Spirit image social meda hashtags3 Social Media Hashtags To Supercharge Canadas Olympic Spirit

As a kid, I was an avid skier and skater, so those events naturally appeal to me. However, the appeal comes from much more than a familiarity with the sports. I am also a swimmer and sailor, but I rarely tune into those Summer Olympic sports.

The Winter Olympics offer spectator appeal. Snow capped mountains. Icy runs. Graceful skaters. Plus, who could resist our Canadian athletes? They are disciplined, articulate, poised, focused, and charismatic—not to mention they are currently winning many medals.

For those of you active on social media, this year’s Winter Games are the most digitally enabled ever. There are plenty of opportunities to support the Canadian Olympic Team, individual sports, and even the athletes themselves via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Here are 3 social media hashtags to supercharge your Olympic spirit and support Canada’s athletes.


The Canadian Olympic Committee launched a fully integrated marketing communications campaign last December aptly called “We are Winter,” the largest brand undertaking in its history. According to COC CMO Derek Kent, the campaign “originated from conversations with our athletes who all said the same thing: winter defines them and defines who we are as a country.”

Indeed it does.

No matter what social media platform you prefer, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with #WeAreWinter, the Canadian Olympic Team and even individual athletes:

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Even if you are not a social media fan, you can still enjoy the COC’s new mobile friendly website in both official languages. The site even has helpful infographics explaining the finer details of long-track speed skating, Olympic luge, figure skating, snowboarding and freestyle skiing.

Finally, #WeAreWinter includes two 60-second, four 30-second and one 15-second television spots, all in English and French. Here is one of the 60-second spots:


Developed by Canadian sporting goods retailer Sport Chek, this campaign celebrates the very best of Canada’s high performance athletes and their journey to the podium. It focuses on 10 different athletes chosen from a cross-section of Olympic winter sports. Similar to #WeAreWinter, it highlights the discipline, determination and passion required to become an Olympian.

Take a look:

Social channels include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


I am jumping a little ahead of myself since #WhatsThere is a hashtag for the Sochi Paralympic Winter Games coming up March 7-17. The Canadian Paralympic Team launched an edgy, new campaign last week: it’s not what’s missing, it’s what’s there. The creative invites viewers to look past the disabilities of Paralympic athletes and instead understand their elite capabilities.

Here is the 60-second spot:

Social channels include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube;and Google+.

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Regardless of where Canada lands in the Winter Olympics medal standings, the final 10 days of the Games will be exciting and inspirational. Our young athletes deserve all the support we can give them. If you are active on social media, encourage them and let them know how proud you are to have such wonderful young people representing our country in international sport.

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