3 Reasons Why You Owe it to Yourself to Take on a New Career Challenge

    By Rachel Gilmore | Small Business

    3 Reasons Why You Owe it to Yourself to Take on a New Career Challenge image vacanciesresized Large3 Reasons Why You Owe it to Yourself to Take on a New Career Challenge

    With a history in serving clients as both a personal and fitness coach, I have found that burnout is among one of the most common problems we face in life. Whether one has hit a plateau in his or her weight loss plan or has become exhausted with a career, it can be depressing to live with these challenges day in and day out. Fortunately, I have found that there is an easy way to break away from these roadblocks—you simply have to adopt a new perspective.

    When it comes to experiencing frustration, disappointment or boredom in a career, chances are you are not on the right professional path; you should do what makes you happy, not just something that provides you with a paycheck to survive. As such, I would like to encourage everyone who is dissatisfied with their career to consider why they deserve making a change in where their professional development is headed. Here are three top reasons why:

    • You Deserve to Indulge Your Passions

    If you are bored in your career, it is not because you are unskilled or apathetic about being a professional; you may just need to find a job that excites you. If you want to make a change in your career, think about the aspects of life that excite you the most. For instance, if you enjoy health and wellness, you may find that a career in nutrition or fitness is the right area for you. If you are a natural-born leader who likes to bring about positive change in other people’s lives, than you may benefit from looking for a job opportunity that involves management, interpersonal communication or creative input.

    • You Deserve Financial Freedom

    Like I mentioned above, the need to receive a regular paycheck keeps many of us locked in jobs that we would not choose if there was no need for regular income. While it is unlikely that financial needs will disappear, making a career change can help you get on a path toward greater financial independence. Consider the skills you have and the skills you are not using and start looking at career opportunities that may pay you more to put them to use.

    Breaking away from a job can be a scary experience, but if you have confidence and dedicate yourself toward a new financial goal, you will find motivation to push forward in your professional development. As you stay focused on new career goals and increase your earning potential, you may find that greater paychecks and financial stability arrive more quickly than you anticipated!

    • You Deserve to Be Happy

    It seems that achieving a work-life balance is something that many people I know struggle with; some even think that such stability is a myth. It is true that our work lives have increasingly become a part of our personal lives, making it hard to define the line between them. As a result, individuals who are unhappy in their jobs are likely to be less happy at home and in their relationships. By making a career change and searching for new opportunities, you invest in improving your profession and your income. However, you also invest in your personal relationships and becoming the person you truly are.

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