3 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks or Why It Is Still Important!

    By Brian Basilico | Small Business

    3 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks or Why It Is Still Important! image iStock 000002696210XSmall 300x1993 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks or Why It Is Still Important!We all pretty much all want the same thing with on-line marketing. We want to be heard above the noise, but not considered to BE THE NOISE. For me recently… writing a book was not enough stress, then you have to market it! What to do? Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Pinterest? YouTube? Google+? Email? How about ALL of them? We have no idea what will work until you try it. Then you have to walk the fine line of promotion vs sales. What will people embrace? What will people tune out?

    It’s gonna take another book to explain all that I did to promote my book, but I wanted to talk about Facebook, and why most people I know have a love-hate relationship with it!

    Why We HATE It…

    3 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks or Why It Is Still Important! image FacebookAd3 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks or Why It Is Still Important!Throttling – Most of you know that Facebook only shows your posts to only about 20% of your friends and fans. Why? Because they are now a publicly traded company and have to answer to investors by making money. They make that through Promoted Posts and Facebook Ads. That means that if you want REAL access to all your friends you have to pay for that and THAT SUCKS!

    Facebook Ads – You have two kinds the ads on Facebook, those on the right of the page and the ones that show up in the news feed (promoted posts). Both are ads and can be annoying. I invested $100 to promote my business page that offers daily networking tips to try to build an audience to promote my book. I chose to give something of value with the hopes of permission to promote my book. I had 63 clicks and 37 likes, with NO measurable books sales. Did I miss something? Maybe? But that is $100 I will never see again!

    3 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks or Why It Is Still Important! image CPC3 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks or Why It Is Still Important!

    Change – I live and Chicago… “If you don’t like the weather just wait… It will change”! Today, it was 97°, then it can be 60° tomorrow, but Facebook changes faster. You have to adapt to things like Promoted Posts, Graph Search, and whatever they throw at you tomorrow. It’s free so get used to it while they figure out to make money! Some people hate change… and they are the loudest critics of Facebook because they can barely figure out how to use it TODAY. There have been rumors about them charging users for access (like Angie’s List is doing). Don’t start any rumors… It did not happen – TODAY!

    Why We LOVE It…

    Fun – Face it, we all gravitate to Facebook because it’s fun. It’s a diversion. It’s sometimes like a gapers block on a highway. Whether you agree or disagree with people’s posts, you stop and read the comments to catch the pulse of the crowd and their friends! It’s really about emotion and relationships. You support those in need and hope they return the favor when you need it!

    Friends & Family – Seriously, where can you catch up with a couple hundred people in one place? You love them or hate them, but you pay attention to them… otherwise you would block or hide them (if you can find that option or know how to). It’s about relationships… some old, some new. You nurture, grow them, or end them based on what people post and how you interact with each other!

    Sharing – You can share your day, hobbies, feelings and more! Then others share the same with you! You get to share your highs and lows… thoughts & beliefs, passions and pet peeves, but share and share alike. What is seen and shared by others is controlled by Facebook, but we still share!

    The Great Equalizers.

    3 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks or Why It Is Still Important! image image002 238x3003 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks or Why It Is Still Important!Events - I spent over an hour inviting my 1400+ friends to my book launch (one click at a time). Events let you invite all your fans and friends. There is no automated way to do this yet (that I know of), Did they all see it? You tell me?

    Direct Messages – These are one-to-one messages, so no throttling (yet), but no guarantee that people will see and respond! It takes time to respond one-on-one, but that’s the centrifugal force of relationships!

    Business Pages – Even though not everyone sees your posts, but if they chose to visit your page every day… they can! How can you lead them or prompt them to view your posts or business page every day?

    Final Thoughts

    So what do you love or hate about communicating through Facebook? I would love to hear your successes and thoughts! Comment away!

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