3 Mobile Strategy Tips to Reach Consumers this Holiday Season

With the holiday season in full swing, businesses are putting their new and improved mobile strategies to the test. Although mobile has been expanding over the past few years, many developed strategies surrounding it are still in the experimental stages. One thing we do know this holiday season is that today’s consumers are much smarter and more demanding than yesterday’s. With the rise of smartphones, consumers are always connected. The individual has adapted to mobile technology faster than any business could ever imagine. As of May 2013, 46% of Google searches were from mobile devices (Search Engine Watch). In the palm of their hands, consumers can now research what they want, how they want it and where. Here are three tips to incorporate into your business mobile strategy to reach consumers this holiday season.


1. Be Personal

Schedule your mobile initiatives this holiday season to your consumer’s behavior patterns. When are consumers most likely to be in the car? When are consumers most likely to be in a store? When are consumers most likely to be at a holiday family gathering? Personalizing your content to consumer’s behaviors is essential. The most powerful messages are often not about a brand at all, but about an experience. With mobile technology, we now have the access to gain more knowledge about today’s consumer and deliver a personalized experience that means something.


2. It’s a Two Way Street When Talking to Your Consumers

Instead of assuming your consumers opinions, ask them yourself. Think of celebrities. Celebrities have fans, not customers – businesses should think the same. More and more consumers are becoming aware of their value and know when they are being ignored or used. They do not want to be treated like commodities, but like individuals that hold influence to co-create and direct products and services to meet their needs. Nearly 70% of millennials in a recent survey we conducted at Survey Analytics stated they were happy to sell their personal information for the right incentive. This information is the key to optimizing how you target individuals to get their attention.


3. If You Want to Get Ahead, Get an App

In 2013, only 7% of businesses worldwide have mobile apps and over half of businesses still do not have a mobile optimized website (eConsultancy). Users spend on average 82% of their mobile minutes in apps and just 18% with web browsers. The most successful mobile apps are attractive, provide a value to the user’s daily life and are not just an advertisement. Mobile apps open the door to collect feedback and deliver more depth to your consumers’ needs. Apps give you a new channel to profile your audience, track location and essentially be there with the right offer to the right consumer at the right time.

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