3 Great Apps for Finding Stuff

    By Suzie Mitchell | Small Business

    Where did I park the car?  How much time do I have left on the parking meter? Where should I buy gas? Where is my phone?

    Are these questions familiar to you?  They are to me.  If I’m not asking them to myself—then I hear them being asked by my husband or Baby Boomer friends—at least several times a month.

    So what’s a person to do?  Enlist a few mobile apps as helpmates.  That’s what I did recently and if I remember to use to them, I can locate some of my prized possessions.

    3 Great Apps for Finding Stuff image find my stuff photo2 199x3003 Great Apps for Finding Stuff

    The number in the Honk icon shows how many minutes remain in my parking meter

    Three Apps to Help Me Find My Stuff:

    • Find My iPhone and/or Android Lost.  These free apps help users locate their phones, tablets and laptops. They ring bells (even if the phone is on silent) and show maps with addresses of the location. Another great advantage–if the phone is stolen, users can remotely wipe it clean.  Truth be told, my phone goes missing a lot and the app helps me find it in my closet, but that’s ok.
    • Honk—This app helps find your car, has a parking meter alarm and identifies nearby landmarks.  It even allows users to write notes within it using their fingers. The parking meter alarm also keeps you updated on minutes remaining on the phone icon, so you can keep tabs on it with a just a glance.  This IOS app for $.99 has an easy to understand embedded videos that explain the process.   So no more searching aimlessly in the mall parking lot or going from floor to floor in a parking deck for your car.
    • GasBuddy—This free app is available for all mobile devices.  It’s simple and straightforward.  It finds the cheapest gas on the go.  Just press the gas tank icon above the words “Find Gas Near Me” and the GPS will locate several dozen stations within your immediate area.  Prices are sorted by Regular, Midgrade, Premium and Diesel. There are maps and directions to all service stations.  The app operates on the social sharing “buddy” system, where users update prices.  The company has weekly prize giveaways of pre-paid gas cards to participating users.

    As I get older, there is a whole lot of stuff I can’t find, so having these three apps makes it a tad bit easier finding some of my “must haves.”

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