3 Frighteningly Powerful Strategies For Calming Down Angry Customers

    By Peter Geisheker | Small Business

    3 Frighteningly Powerful Strategies For Calming Down Angry Customers image angry man 300x1983 Frighteningly Powerful Strategies For Calming Down Angry CustomersSo, you are a business owner and you have a client who seemingly will not calm down no matter what you or your customer service department says. It happens to all of us. For some reason there are just some people you cannot seem to satisfy no matter what you do.

    The good news is that there are three very effective strategies you can use to deal with angry customers. If you implement these three strategies you will likely gain a loyal customer and change the whole situation around.

    1. First, acknowledge their problem with respect. If an already angry customer feels like you don’t take their problem seriously they will likely become even more irate, and that is the last thing you want to happen.  You should say something like, “I completely understand your frustration and I will do whatever it takes to resolve this issue.” Saying this can often be this trick that calms the customer down. Customers like to feel heard and valued, so it is your job (or your customer service department’s job) to make them feel that way. Always be respectful and patient with all customers, especially upset customers.

    2. Don’t take their anger personally. One of the biggest mistakes managers and business make when it comes to customer complaints is internalizing things that are said in anger. Many people will lash out at you because they blame you personally for what happened. But try to put yourself in their shoes and handle it accordingly. You don’t realize how important your body language and tone are until you are on the other end of a mistake. Don’t let them attack you but also don’t fight back. Your job is to make sure the customer is satisfied no matter what their problem may be. This in turn will help the customer calm down because they will realize that being verbally abusive does not work to solve their problem.

    3. Present solutions and follow up. When a customer is angry they generally get that way because they want a solution to their problem. They aren’t looking for someone to calm them down. They just want what was supposed to be coming their way. Therefore, the best way to calm them down is to give them what they want. Work with them by asking them to explain the problem in detail. Once you have this information you can then work to create a solution to solve the issue. It may also help to give the individual your direct name and number so that after you get done speaking they can reach out to you directly if the problem goes unresolved. You may even want to consider sending them an email or calling them to make sure their problems were addressed. All of this works to make a customer feel appreciated and respected. It also works towards building your relationship in the long run.

    Listen, be respectful, and work hard to solve the problem an angry customer has and you will be more than likely rewarded for your excellent customer service!

    Co-written by Peter Geisheker and Alanna Monical

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