The 3 ‘Easy To Make’ B2B Content Marketing Mistakes

    By Sean O'Brien | Small Business

    B2B Content Marketing can be a tricky business, although your notable successes can have a lasting effect on your business, small failures will do the exact same. Learning to embrace your successes while also learning how to overcome failure is one of the most essential skills in B2B marketing strategy. However, learning how to master these key aspects of the game is a lot easier said than done, especially considering the growing influx of digital and social media marketing channels on top of traditional streams.The 3 ‘Easy To Make’ B2B Content Marketing Mistakes image strategy2 resized 600The 3 ‘Easy To Make’ B2B Content Marketing Mistakes

    No matter the Industry, B2B Marketers can often find themselves watching out for the wrong signs, leaving themselves open to the simplest of tactical errors. With the emergence of cyber risks as well as social media-related risks, practitioners have a lot more on their plate when looking to ensure a fool-proof strategy. However, with a watchful eye, and awareness of the following mistakes, B2B Marketing can be a smooth process.

    Making assumptions

    Making assumptions about your audience is something that, as a rule of thumb, should be avoided. However, we are all prone to having certain expectations about the audience based on trending topics and what our competitors might be doing. It’s crucial that B2B Marketers carry out an extensive study of their audience by engaging with them, assessing what they want, what they need and what their expectations are of the Business.

    Creative B2B Marketing, whether it be content-driven or otherwise, begins with understanding the objectives of the business, based on the objectives of the prospective audience. Making assumptions opens the door to miss-interpretation which could negatively impact on B2B relationships.

    Looking at quantity rather than quality

    One of the biggest and easiest mistakes B2B Marketers can make is over-saturating their social media feeds with content. While none of us would like our social media channels to look bare, it is important to always look for quality as opposed to quantity. It is important to consider what other Businesses and professionals will be looking for from your Business. Your content has to be accurate, well-delivered, engaging and entertaining so that Businesses buy into the message you are aiming to deliver. By focusing on churning out several blogs or whitepapers on a daily basis, the quality of your content will suffer and potential opportunities may dwindle as a result.

    Focusing on the competition

    While it is crucial for any Business to be wary of what their competitors are doing in the market, B2B Marketers can often find themselves focusing on the competition a little more than they should be. The Online Market is vast and ever-growing, and similarly Content-Marketing is a growing landscape that is helping many businesses attract consumers and the interest of other Businesses. It is important to focus on your prospective opportunities and target audience. Once you understand your audience, then you can look to understand the competitive environment.

    As B2B Content-Marketing is still very much in the early stages of its development, many B2B Marketers are still experimenting with different ideas, topics and methods of delivering content that both engage and enlighten the market audience. Naturally enough mistakes will be made, but it is important to know how you can prevent those ‘easy-to-make’ mistakes from threatening your business.

    Learning how to avoid making the ‘easy-to-make’ B2B Marketing mistakes can be made a lot easier thanks to our free whitepaper on how to build your perfect marketing strategy.

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