3 Cloud Essentials For Small Businesses

3 Cloud Essentials For Small Businesses image small business essentials3 Cloud Essentials For Small BusinessesFor small- and medium-sized businesses, cloud computing is a necessity. Over four million small businesses were using the cloud in 2012. By 2015, that number could swell to seven million, according to an article on Cloud Pro, a U.K.-based website covering cloud-based businesses solutions. But moving to the cloud may require businesses to also adopt a different mindset and strategy.

For small businesses getting started with cloud computing, what are the most important, basic services they should adopt? According to the article on Cloud Pro’s cloud-based business solutions website, these three services are essential.

  1. Secure, offsite data backup: A solid cloud foundation begins with secure data creation and storage elements. Many companies first become comfortable with using the cloud on a day-to-day basis by adopting cloud backup.
  2. Remote access to data: After setting up secure, automated backup to the cloud, small businesses want convenient access to their data. Some cloud backup services provide Web portals, while mobile apps make it easy to access data and make changes remotely.
  3. Collaboration tools: For two-person operations and larger, collaboration services are essential. Cloud services that facilitate collaboration will be very big for small businesses. Birger Steen, CEO of a virtualization technology company with offices worldwide, says in the Cloud Pro article that “collaboration services are hugely popular with the SMB market.”

Beyond the basics, companies might consider using the cloud for business dashboards, accounting services and advanced analytics, the article notes. In fact, in the future, a company’s cloud platform could include “autonomic self-healing computer systems and artificial intelligence” — ideas that may sound like science fiction today, but perhaps not for long.

A growing number of small businesses are finding competitive advantages when using the cloud. Just make sure your business starts with these three essential services: secure offsite data backup, convenient access to company data and collaboration tools.

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 Source: Cloud Pro, February 2013

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