3 Big CMO-Worthy Benefits of Landing Pages

Landing pages? They’ll eat your website for lunch.

3 Big CMO Worthy Benefits of Landing Pages image ion websiteforlunch3 Big CMO Worthy Benefits of Landing Pages

 But ion, don’t landing pages require more resources? More content? More effort? Aren’t they more to manage? Isn’t it more to integrate?

To be honest, yes, they do. Creating campaign-specific landing pages requires work. But the impact that a successful landing page can have on metrics such as cost to acquire a customer and ROI is tremendous. These are the statistics executives care about and the reason why the lowly landing page should be elevated to a seat worth time and attention from everyone inside your marketing organization, including your CMO.

There are 3 primary benefits to landing pages:

3 Big CMO Worthy Benefits of Landing Pages image ion impression3 Big CMO Worthy Benefits of Landing Pages

1. Better User Experiences

When it comes to post-click marketing, first impressions are crucial. You have 1/20th of a second to impress your visitor after they click, so it’s up to you to make it count. A typical website can make a campaign respondent feel like they’re a stranger in a crowded room – no direction, no focus, no call-to-action. They’ll feel lost and unimportant, which will ultimately translate to a skyrocketed bounce rate.

However a landing page focuses on getting to know the stranger — they make a personal introduction, thus sparking a new friendship. The experience is clear, specific, and will result in a valuable new connection. Customer experiences start at the first page a visitor lands on when they click an ad or link. Shouldn’t that experience be highly specific, relevant and streamlined? No website can do that.

2. Easy Experimentation

All digital marketers know the value of testing when it comes to web pages, however sometimes it’s hard to conceive and execute a test of a a big idea on the website. With landing pages, testing is a low-risk learning method. Create your landing pages in an agile, disposable manner (yes, it can be done), and test them on small slices of campaign traffic. You can easily make and test small edits such as text or colors, or radical changes such as design, message, content or template overhauls. You can even test the experience. Take the learning from a test and implement it out across other channels for broader impact.

3 Big CMO Worthy Benefits of Landing Pages image big data test cex 6003 Big CMO Worthy Benefits of Landing Pages

3. Increased Leads, Sales & Revenue:

We now know that landing pages can have a huge impact on the overall visitor experience, and we know that they make testing a breeze. But how will that translate into dollars and cents for your company? Let’s put it this way: 90% of our customers have seen a positive ROI from using our landing page platform. An effective landing page program will lead to higher campaign conversion rates, which means a higher lead or transactional volume with the same media spend. This means an enormous ROI and a lower cost per qualified lead or cost per transaction. More leads = more opportunities = more revenue. The numbers are all there!

3 Big CMO Worthy Benefits of Landing Pages image ion postclick spend3 Big CMO Worthy Benefits of Landing Pages

Higher campaign conversion rates mean higher lead volume with same media spend.

A great landing page program can have a huge impact on your company’s digital marketing success. It’s about creating the best user experience possible, efficiently experimenting with your pages, and generating the most leads and revenue possible.

Who’s ready for lunch?

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