The 2014 S Class: Merc takes car tech to the next level

Many adjectives come to mind when describing Mercedes Benz S-Class, many of them I have used in the past, like luxurious, lush, refined, powerful even and of course expensive. However if there was one that — perhaps nowadays is slightly overlooked only because we’ve become accustomed to it — which could accurately describe the S-Class, it is technologised.

Now you may chuckle and say, “Sir, you made that word up, it does not exist!” however according to my trusty Dictionary App is does:

‘technologised’ is — verb (used with object) 1. To make technological; to modernise or modify with technology.

Perfect. Sounds remarkably like a combination of ‘technology’ and ‘energised’, and if there were ever a car to be described as energised with technology, surely the Mercedes Benz S-Class is it.

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