17 Reasons Why Canada is a Better Place to Live than the USA [Infographic]

    By Danny Ashton | Small Business

    17 Reasons Why Canada is a Better Place to Live than the USA [Infographic] image canada vs us infographic117 Reasons Why Canada is a Better Place to Live than the USA [Infographic]

    Many Canadians feel that their country does not compare favourably to the USA, even though Forbes rated it as the best country in the world to do business as it has managed to dodge the economic crisis that has recently damaged the USA and Europe. Its’ people are great innovators, are well-travelled and have been seen as trendsetters, but it will take more than this to convince others that it is the better place to live, so this fun infographic has been produced to set the record straight.

    While ice hockey is Canada’s most prelevant sport, lacrosse is the country’s official one. It may have developed as early as AD 1100 among indigenous peoples on the continent, and by the seventeenth century, it was well-established. It was documented by Jesuit missionary priests in the territory of present-day Canada. In the traditional aboriginal Canadian version, each team consisted of about 100 to 1,000 men on a field that stretched from about 500 metres to 3 kilometres long, with games lasting from sunup to sundown for two to three days straight.

    Canadians are responsible for giving the world such great inventions as insulin, kerosene and the Blackberry, but it is also where you can find the world’s first UFO landing pad, so it is safe to say the Canadians don’t always take themselves so seriously! After all, they are responsible for giving the world the Canadian Tuxedo, an outfit consisting of a denim jacket and denim jeans. To spice up the outfit a button down denim shirt may be worn.

    The list of famous Canadians may be a little shorter than that of their neighbours but they so very generously exported Celine Dion to the USA and allow us to share Justin Bieber. However they have kept the multi-talented Ryan Gosling for themselves!


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