15 Ways to Repurpose Blogs, Bikini Marketing Style

15 Ways to Repurpose Blogs, Bikini Marketing Style image shutterstock 112659710 625x58315 Ways to Repurpose Blogs, Bikini Marketing Style

You know that feeling of “If I have to look at one more word on this computer screen I’m going lock myself in the storage closet and never come out”?

I get that feeling sometimes. It’s not fun.

Sometimes it’s because the glare of fluorescent lights is just too much (and my optometrist would agree.) Usually, though, it’s because I just can’t think of any compelling blog ideas.

When I’m working on my three-month editorial calendar (which all good Bikini Marketers have), I sometimes get stumped. There are a lot of good ideas, but how can I make them great posts?

My brainstorming process consists of checking out news stories, social media and, of course, other blogs. I want to see what people are talking about, obviously, but I also want to see what they’re not talking about.

Not to brag, but this is a pretty good process. Sometimes, though, it fails me. When that happens, I like to go through the Bikini Marketing archives. Reading through old posts can sometimes inspire me on a new topic or, better yet, give me ideas on how to repurpose an old blog post.

Check out my favorite ways to repurpose old content.

1. Feature it in a newsletter
2. Use it as a starting point for a white paper/ebook
3. Add details to create a series
4. Update it
5. Feature it on an anniversary
6. Create an infographic
7. Speak about the topic in a Google+ Hangout
8. Use it as inspiration for an email marketing campaign
9. Create a SlideShare presentation
10. Turn it into a speaking presentation
11. Embellish list posts to give more information
12. Write posts from a different angle
13. Create a meme/GIF with tidbits or stats from the post
14. Host a webinar
15. Record a podcast

What do you think, are these good ways to repurpose content? Do you have any better ideas? Leave a comment and let me know!

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