10 Ways to Increase Software Sales

    By Zsolt Bicskey | Small Business

    10 Ways to Increase Software Sales image increase software sales 300x19610 Ways to Increase Software SalesContrary to popular opinion, even the best software does not sell itself. If you doubt it, simply look to the huge volumes of marketing dollars that Apple puts into its products; the same goes for Microsoft, and even Google. The bottom line is that, if you wish to increase software sales, it is going to require a savvy marketing plan. Below are some specific tips for companies seeking to increase software sales.

    #1 Landing Pages Sell Software

    One tip for those seeking to increase software sales is to remember that the more landing pages you have, the more products you will sell—period. However many landing pages you think you need, multiply it by at least three, and that’s probably a good starting point. Each landing page should address different market segments or illuminate different features of the software. Drive traffic to your landing pages via social media accounts, blogs, and so forth.

    #2 Tracking and Monitoring

    A second consideration for those seeking to increase software sales: Which of your marketing endeavors are getting results, and which are only costing you time and money? The only way to know for sure is to track and analyze your tactics. If you’re not regularly consulting analytic reports, you’ve already lost the same, and just don’t know it yet.

    #3 Affiliate Marketing Works

    Also consider enlisting an affiliate marketing professional. Affiliate marketers are only paid for sales that they close, so this represents one of the most cost-effective ways to generate sales.

    #4 Start a Joint Venture

    A great way to boost your marketing clout is to engage a business partner in the form of a joint venture. This is especially useful when you work with another company that develops complimentary (not competitive) software programs. Working together essentially doubles the marketing pull that both companies have.

    #5 Create a Devoted Community

    Another way to increase software sales is to create and sustain a community of consumers who are interested in the program. This can be done by fostering a blog or social media community, long before your software suite ever officially launches. Regularly feeding your clients and leads helpful, informational content can help you maintain buzz for your brand.

    #6 Try Google AdWords

    Google AdWords is not necessarily as effective as organic content marketing, but it is not without its virtues. The trick is to find keywords that generate traffic but are not too competitive. Also note the importance of using your Google ads to drive traffic back to your landing pages, not just to your company home page.

    #7 Do Some Guest Blogging

    Here’s an example of how guest blogging can help you increase software sales. Say that you have developed a program that is used for retirement planning. You can pitch a blog topic to any financial planning or general lifestyle blog, offering helpful and non-promotional information about how computer programs can expedite the retirement planning process. Even if the guest post includes just one backlink to your landing page, that’s still a great source of traffic.

    #8 Give it Away

    Of course, you won’t increase software sales if you simply give away the entire program—but consider giving away a trial or demo version of the product. Another idea is to give away a “lite” version, but ask clients to pay for the fully-featured version.

    #9 Don’t Neglect Video Marketing

    Video marketing is an exceptional way to create interest in your software. One of the biggest concerns that consumers have, when looking into a new software program, is that it will not be intuitive or easy to use, or that its features may not be as good as advertised. A product demo can be a great way of alleviating these fears.

    #10 Create White Papers

    Want to prove to consumers that your graphic design software is unique on the market, and that your company’s industry expertise is unparalleled? A good way to cultivate this kind of trust is to create an engaging article or white paper, discussing issues related to graphic design (or whatever field you’re in) and then giving it away to your website users. Ultimately, anything you can do to share value—and prove your expertise—is going to help in your efforts to increase software sales.

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