10 Ways Google Analytics Can Help You Grow Your Business

10 Ways Google Analytics Can Help You Grow Your Business image google analytics 300x21010 Ways Google Analytics Can Help You Grow Your BusinessIf you have a business then you will want to use everything you can to make it succeed online. Here are 10 ways that Google Analytics can help in making this possible:

1. Keyword Usage

Google Analytics shows what words and phrases are doing the best to attract customers. It shows the rate people search for these keywords, how many pages they look through, etc.

2. Understanding Your Customers

Shows customer behavior stats and patterns in customer actions on a website by showing how customers use your web pages. This is vital to understand what the customers need and desire.

3. Social Network Actions

Analyses and connects customer’s social network actions affect a business website. It tracks the return on investment and other valuable data.

4. Page Quality

Shows how well website pages help your customers meet their objectives through a visitor flow visualization so it’s known how well the pages work and if they actually send customers where you want them to go, how long they stay on pages, etc.

5. Learn How Offline Actions Affect Websites

Allows users to track offline advertising methods like TV print or radio ads, and how to gear these to help you to do better online.

6. Tracks Visits

Shows the volume of traffic to a website and gives a report to show the performance of the site, as well as how visual it is to customers and how many page views it has gotten. This shows how well your pages are doing for getting visitors.

7. Referrals Info

Shows where website traffic comes from and whether it was referred to the site from somewhere else, such as a social network site. This is vital to be able to track the primary audience and see if things like your FB page are working to get you more customers.

8. Tracks Bounce Rate

Bounce rate shows how long a person stayed on your site pages. This shows the percentage of time each visitor stayed on a page and if they went farther you’re your landing page. If not, the website needs to be evaluated and updated.

9. Shows how website was visited

Google Analytics keeps track of the manner in which a website is visited, such as telling if the visit came from a mobile device. This is vital, especially since accessing website from mobile devices is becoming much more common so owners need to optimize their sites to handle this phenomenon.

10. Rates the success of site components

Shows owners if website components such as the forms, articles, photos, etc., on the site are successful in converting customers into clients through tracking of metrics.

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