10 Tips for Tackling Google Penguin Efficiently

Google Penguin Update was launched on 24th April, 2012 in order to stop unnatural link building. It penalizes sites that were following an unnatural linking pattern by using similar anchor text urls, too many site wide backlinks, too many links from spammy web directories etc. It also penalized sites that were having similar content web pages that were specifically prepared for single keywords in order to rank higher up on the search engines. Many webmasters lost their patience when Penguin started penalizing their sites by decreasing their search engine rankings. If your site is a loser of the Google Penguin update then here are 10 tips to make your site Penguin friendly.

1-      Avoid Keyword Stuffing and Forget About Keyword Density, Focus on TF-IDF Score Instead

Many webmasters have kept to the practice of following a certain percentage of keyword density and stuffed their site with keywords. This practice had helped webmasters in the past but after the Penguin update; it’s surely going to get your site penalized. The best way is to focus on the TF-IDF score and follow LSI pattern. If you don’t know what is TF-IDF score then read a tutorial on how to utilize your tf-idf score to increase your search engine rankings.

Find out all those pages that are having similar content and either update them or remove them. Sites that are having even one page of similar content, keyword specific content or duplicate content are losing their rankings.

Remove Unnatural Backlinks Using Disavow Links Tool

Have all those crappy and unnatural backlinks removed with the help of disavow links tool. This tool can save a lot of time and can get you quick results.

2-      Avoid Building Mass Backlinks

Never approach any Black Hat Seo’s and so called link builders to build spammy backlinks to your site using mass backlinking software. If you have created mass backlinks then remove those links with the help of Disavow links tool.

3-      Follow Anchor Text Diversity

Links pointing to your site helps Google to analyze the importance of content. Google makes use of anchor text pointing back to your site In order to understand which query they can relate with your site in order to rank your site based on those queries. Webmasters make use of this factor in building too many similar anchor text backlinks in order to rank for keywords they desire. This however may penalize your site and decrease your existing search engine rankings. The best approach is to follow a diverse anchor text pattern while building backlinks to your site.

4-      Get Some Authority Backlinks

A smarter way to make Penguin recovery is to get some quick authority backlinks pointing to your site. This will allow Google to realize the importance of your site resulting in an increase of rankings. Authority backlinks can only be earned not bought so plan your strategy accordingly.

5-      Get Backlinks From Different Domains

Never focus on obtaining too many backlinks from the same domain but instead, obtain backlinks from different domains. The variety in domains will help your site follow a natural linking pattern. Also, focus on quality of links and not on the quantity of links.

6-      Remove Excessive Links from Footer

Remove all those footer links pointing to inner pages with keyword anchor phrase serving little to no value to the user. Excessive linking to home page or other inner pages will hurt your site.

7-      Take the Help of Social Media Sites

Social media sites are a real savior when it comes to making your site popular. Head over to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin etc and let people share and talk about your web document. The more audience love you receive, the better it is for your site.

8-      Take the Help of Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a great way to reduce webspam. If your site content is associated with or promoted by an author then Google will see your site as a trusted source of information and give you higher rankings. Take the help of Google Authorship and see the jump in rankings yourself. Make sure you have got enough of Author Rank before you actually start seeing the jump.

9-      Follow Google’s Existing Quality Guidelines

Never leave behind Google’s existing quality guidelines. Read them and follow them by heart. If you think you are violating some of those, then make every effort to solve the issue and send a reconsideration request to Google. Hopefully, the issue would be resolved sooner.

Thus, if you follow the 10 tips of Penguin recovery mentioned above, I am sure your site would start receiving organic traffic it has been missing and Penguin will start loving your website.

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